Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Ashok Kumar Banker’s internationally acclaimed Ramayana Series® has been hailed by critics as a milestone (India Today). AKB eBOOKS is India’s first bestselling international ebookstore, offering exclusive digital downloads of prolific Indian English author Ashok K. Banker’s. The seeds of war have been planted and the world is on the brink of the greatest of all in Ashok Banker’s The Epic Mahabharata series, The Children.

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Bollywood might come calling too, given Amish Tripathi’s recent exchanges with that chronicler of all things familial, Karan Johar. He was earlier also known as a prolific reviewer and commentator on contemporary Indian literatureand as a candid essayist with a particular focus on media hypocrisy in India, and the western racial bias against South Asian writers. I began Gods of War in but conceived it in the early 80s and finished it in The curious thing I found about the ancient versions, especially the Valmiki Ramayana, was how cold and remote it could be.

The Forest of Stories: Even Vyasa never claimed to have witnessed every event – especially those that occurred long before his own birth. What I consciously did during the decades between my first dreams of becoming an epic author and the time I finally succeeded in writing something I was satisfied with, was study the way epics themselves were written: At least one Indian publisher, Westland Books, has capitalised on the success of Banker’s Ramayana Series by publishing other authors such as Amish Tripathi and Ashwin Sanghifinally signing on the “epic Indian storyteller” himself in [30] for his volume Mahabharata Series.

The series is ranked at No. There is both peril and pleasure involved in retelling an epic tale like the Mahabharata to an Indian audience. In humanising the figures from the epics as you have – including endowing them with very contemporary instincts, thoughts and ideas – do you feel you’re adding a lot to the originals? He took Persian and Urdu lessons for a time and even won a college-level prize for Urdu-Translation in collaboration with a Pakistani friend.


In Thailand, the kings still claim lineage from Rama himself and include the name Rama in their full birth names.

Ashok Banker – Wikipedia

It was in the same house in Byculla that Banker grew up, under the care of his grandmother. Yet today when we look back and refer to Valmiki Ramayana, it is regarded as ‘the’ Ramayana. Subsequently, the series was telecast in over 30 countries worldwide and ran for half-hour episodes. If you compare the four versions of Ramayana written by these four writers: Demons of Chitrakut RS 4: Ashok is telling the story of Mahabharata exactly as Vyasa narrated it.

When that country achieved independence, all other members of her family chose to claim British citizenship and either return to the UK or migrate to other countries. You could read this book cover to cover, as a straightforward story, or dip into it at a random page, to discover a forgotten creation myth or cautionary tale from long ago.

It is a great start. There are hundreds of literary authors who have published a book a year for decades. Several of these genre publications have claimed that his was the first speculative fiction by an Indian author writing in English to be published.

No publisher was willing to put the word ‘epic’ as a label on my books and won’t do it even now – because there is no such genre, category or label in commercial publishing. It’s the opposite of what you did with Three Women, for instance, but for very good reason: Anybody who wishes to read The Mahabharata as it was originally narrated in its entirety, should definitely opt in.

Mahabharata Series Book One. All I do is breathe to live.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ashok Banker. The fact that Valmiki freely admitted within the epic itself to having invented entire portions out of his own imagination – with Brahma’s approval and encouragement – doesn’t daunt us in the least. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Here, at the axhok of Kulapati Shaunaka, a dusty traveller arrives with sad tidings: I would love to read a Sitayana – I have often asgok of writing one myself, as a television series if not a book. King of Ayodhya Ramayana Banker, Ashok.


It is arguably the most popular English-language retelling of the ancient Sanskrit epic. If you are a seller for this product, bahker you like to suggest updates through seller support? A well-known PR firm actually wanted to sponsor me last year by using their extensive paid news coverage to promote my Ramayana Series retellings as a symbol of the new changing Hindu India. There was never a single work or author I can point to now and say ‘that inspired me’.

In conversation with author Ashok Banker – News18

Countdown To Elections Results. It’s exactly the same method translators follow up to the point of the translation, but it’s like then taking a ‘creative leap’ and using the translation as a raga in order to perform my own rendition. He has mentioned in interviews how she not only encouraged him to write mmahabharata even financed the publication of his first book, a collection of his poetry titled Ashes in the Dust of Time, which he self-published at age 15, and which was selected to represent Young India at the World Book Fair in Paris.

I am just one voice in a crowd who starts singing a national anthem.

The Epic Mahabharata

Writing sporadically for television from the mid s onwards, Banker scripted over episodes of broadcast television for various series. Banker is best known for his Ramayana Series, a freely imaginative retelling of the ancient Sanskrit epic poem. I read voraciously across all genres with literary fiction and crime fiction taking up most of my bookshelf space.

The son of an Iranian dissident fleeing the Shah regime stayed briefly with Banker’s grandmother in Byculla, mahabharatz Banker further to radical Islamic thought and culture and making him even more determined to stay iconoclastic in his bankerr outlook.

I have added the love and passion I felt for these stories. But I’ll try to put it in perspective as best as I can: In my opinion, what I mean to say is that my retellings are only pathfinders and road-breakers. See and discover other items: Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

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