Algunos niños continúan creciendo bien o experimentancrecimiento excesivo tras la extirpación de un craneo-faringioma, a pesar de tener deficiencias de. PDF | On Aug 1, , OSCAR CORREA BORQUEZ and others published Sindrome de Froehlich: Craneofaringioma. El objetivo de este artículo es presentar una revisión de la literatura a . odontoma, craneofaringioma, meloblastoma and carcinoma(1,8).

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Eur J Endocrinol,pp. Praetorius F, Ledesma-Montes C. Clinicopathological features of growth hormone-producing pituitary adenomas: Complete endocrinological and ophthalmological evaluation should be performed before establishing the therapeutic approach. The excision of small fragments of neurohypophysis usually has no permanent clinical consequences, but causes a transient diabetes insipidus that normally resolves in a few days.

Neuroimaging techniques, especially magnetic resonance imaging, allow these lesions to be characterized. Prognostic implications of folliculo-stellate cells in pituitary adenomas: These adenomas characteristically show a high trend to bleeding and apoplexy defined as the sudden occurrence of symptoms such as severe headache, nausea, vomiting, vision loss, cranial nerve palsy, and impaired consciousness with radiographic evidence of hemorrhagic infarction, often followed by hypopituitarism 38occurring in approximately one third of patients.

However, the differentiation of these two adenomas is of little clinical significance for patient management. The extraoral examination denoted a right facial swelling.

Approximately one third of PAs are not associated with any clinical or biochemical evidence of excess hormones 14 ; they are clinically non-functioning adenomas, usually presenting with signs and symptoms related to the local mass effect such as headache, neurological deficits of the cranial nerves including visual field changesand hyperprolactinemia.


Plurihormonal adenomas are rare and show an unusual craneofaringiomz for multiple pituitary hormones which are not related through cytogenesis or normal development of the anterior pituitary gland.

It is the best journal to keep up to date with endocrine pathophysiology both in the clinical and in the research field. Rev Assoc Med Bras, 62pp. The postoperative evolution was satisfactory without complications after one year following.

Astrocitoma pilocítico – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Other approaches include intermittent aspiration by stereotactic puncture, placement of a reservoir, cystic wall sclerosis through drugs, or internal radiation with radioisotopes.

Granular cell tumors are rare there cranneofaringioma approximately 60 cases reported in the literature 63and are usually found incidentally in adult autopsies. Eur J Endocrinol,pp.

After the surgical treatment and a year follow up, there were no complications and no clinical and radiographic signs of recurrence.

Odontogenic calcificant cystic tumor: A report of two clinical cases

Administration of growth hormone increased growth rate to 9. Odontogenic calcificant cystic tumor: Calcyfing cystic odontogenic tumour.

The treatment of articuulo OCCT is the enucleation of the injury without recurrence in most of the cases 1,2,4,5, As these tumors have non-specific clinical and neuroimaging characteristics, artoculo is mainly based on their histopathological features. A great variety of other lesions and tumors may affect the pituitary gland and sellar region. Endocr Rev, 27pp. PAs are also classified histopatologically based on the hormonal content of tumor cells as shown by immunohistochemistry IHCwhich provides highly relevant information for clinical practice.

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Parasellar lesions have a very low prevalence and can consist of cystic aneurysms or granulomas, among other tumors. A year-old female without relevant medical history was referred to our service for an asymptomatic swelling in the right cheek of one year of evolution.

Please cite this article as: Cancer J, 6pp. Small fragments of normal neurohypophysis may sometimes be found, especially if the neurosurgeon has resected a Rathke cleft cyst.

NY State Dent J ; Eur Artoculo Pediatr,pp. Histologically, tumor cells craneofarihgioma arranged in a diffuse growth pattern, but papillary structures frequently form around blood vessels, 36 resulting in a pattern that mimics the formation of perivascular pseudorosettes. Neurosurgery, 40pp. The intraoral examination presented an increase in volume, hard at palpation that occupied the buccal aspect in relation to the left superior temporal canine and that includes from the left zygomatic alveolar crest up to 1 cm.

Astrocitoma pilocítico

J Biol Chem,pp. Neurosurgery, 42pp.

Acta Paediatr Suppl,pp.