Opera seria in three acts by Johann Adolf Hasse to a libretto by Pietro Metastasio (see Artaserse above); Venice, Teatro S Giovanni Grisostomo, February, ARTASERSE principe, e poi re di Persia, amico d’Arbace ed amante di. Semira. MANDANE sorella d’Artaserse ed amante d’Arbace. ARTABANO prefetto delle. The libretto is by Metastasio and Artaserse is the Persian king Artaxerxes I, son of Xerxes I (Serse). He ruled from BC to BC. The story is, as so often in.

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Se del fiume altera l’onda.

Mields, L’Orfeo Barockorchester, M. However, Arbace had already escaped and was nowhere to be found. Casella, Orchestral Works, Vol.

Abbado January 22, After Artaserse leaves, Arbace is brought in by a guard. Frank Mercer New York: Meanwhile, Arbace sneaks into the palace to look for Mandane. In addition, the first couple, in accordance with their prerogative, sing the one duet in the opera, which occurs in the act III declaration scene, giving Artasrrse a total of seven numbers and Mandane six.

Lintu June 10, Eighteenth-century Italian operas in serious style are almost always set in a distant or legendary past and are built around historical, pseudo-historical, or mythological characters. Noseda November 13, Bach, Organ Works, Vol. At the venue of Artaserse’s coronation, Artabano hands Artaserse the poisoned sacred cup.


Valer Barna-Sabadus as his sister Semira tempers his tone well to add verisimilitude to his feminine portrayal, while Yuriy Mynenko is characterful as the conspiring General Megabise. It premiered during the carnival season on 4 February at the Teatro delle Dame in Rome.

Segerstam November 13, Megabise enters and declares that Arbace is the murderer. The finest we have had in years. Then the two exchange swords. Meanwhile, Mandane is conflicted by her feelings for Arbace. Last, and least, Megabises makes do with three one per actwhich is actually rather generous for an inferior role.

Segerstam October 9, A.

Vinci: Artaserse – Limelight

Sinfonie Concertanti for two flutes and orchestra. Something other than politics in Washington, D. Classical MusicOperaOpera. Suzuki November 13, K.

Artaserse (Vinci, Leonardo)

The long aria that concludes act I, Vo solcando un mar crudele CD 1 tr. Operas Li zite ‘ngalera Artaserse Artabano says that Arbace deserves to be punished, but Artaserse is conflicted, and worried about Semira wrongly accusing him of cruelty.

Take a peek at what’s happening in Pinchgut Opera’s rehearsals for Artaesrse, opening in Sydney this Thursday. Semira enters, and Librettl forces her to marry Megabise against her will.

Melartin, Traumgesicht inter aliaS.

Artaserse (Hasse)

However, Arbace is not happy about the turn of events due to his love for Mandane and his friendship with the king’s son, Artaserse, as well as the sheer cruelty of the act. Hoitenga, Da Camera of Houston November 13, Gergiev May 13, J. The story, attributed to libeetto third-century Roman historian Artaerse Marcus Junianus Justinusreads as follows:.


The lone tenor plays the main villain Artabano, as typical of Baroque Italian operas, where the broken male voice is usually assigned to villains and servants.

Latest Issue Read our latest magazine In the December issue of Limelight Magazine we pay tribute to Richard Gill’s extraordinary life and legacy, and our critics pick ‘s standout CDs. Arbace then turns to Semira, but Semira says that she will support him if he can prove his innocence, but as he is currently seen to be guilty, she cannot let her feelings get in the way.

Stripped to its most basic level, the story of the opera reduces to the fundamental narrative of all opere serie: Rendimi il caro amico. Strong music making, including a compelling performance by Vivica Genaux, is hampered by hands-off direction. Bach, French Suites, R. Finally, Arbace turns to Mandane and asks her to believe in his innocence, but Mandane refuses to do so and angrily declares Arbace her enemy before she leaves.