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When determining the working time pattern of the worker, the employer shall, as far as possible, take into account the personal circumstances of the worker, which in any case arbeidstijdenwdt care duties for children, dependent family members, relatives and others close to him, as well as his social responsibilities. The provisions on daily working time do not apply in case of a sudden, unforeseen situation where people are seriously injured or an arebidstijdenwet threat for serious injuries arises, or exceptionally grave damage to property arises or is likely to arise immediately, provided that work cannot be delayed and other measures are not reasonable.

He will also inform the worker at least 4 days in advance of the hours on which he is to work. STANDBY The employer has to organise work in such a way that before and after a standby duty a consecutive rest period of 11 hours is granted, which may once in every 7 day period be shortened to 10 hours and once to 8 hours provided that after a shortening of the rest period the following rest period is at least 11 hours long and extended by the number of hours up to which the preceding rest period had been shortened.

EUR-Lex – LNLD_ – EN – EUR-Lex

Pregnant employees of 18 years or older can not be arbeidstijdnewet to work more than 10 hours per shift; an average of arbedstijdenwet hours per week in each period of 4 consecutive weeks, and an average of 45 hours per week in each period of 16 consecutive weeks. Different treatment is forbidden with respect to: In this case, Sunday work on 40 Sundays or more in each 52 week period is only allowed with the consent of the worker. Collective agreements may provide that the employee may work 40 hours in average over a reference period of 52 weeks, provided that unforeseeable circumstances or the nature of work causes a fluctuating workload, making the employee work more than in average 40 hours arbeidstijdenaet week on average over a 16 week period, and work cannot reasonably be organised in another way, or an employee is mainly supervising other workers in the name of the employer.


Domestic work shall mean the tasks arbeldstijdenwet domestic nature performed by a worker, of at least 18 years old, in the private household of the employer or on its behalf. This hour period may be split into 2 separate periods, neither of which may be shorter than 32 hours.

Statutory provisions regulating work on public holidays have been not identified. Adjustment of Working Hours Act. The employer may order aebeidstijdenwet times at most arbeidstjjdenwet each 14 day period and 22 times in each 52 week period night work of up to 12 hours, provided that afterwards a consecutive rest period of 12 hours is granted.

However, it seems that public holidays are to be enjoyed with pay. The employer is required to consult with the worker about the request to change working hours.

Netherlands – Working time – 2011

The 11 hour daily rest period may be shortened to a minimum of 8 hours once in every seven day period, if the nature of the work or business circumstances so demand. If, within half an hour of finishing work arising from a call, the worker is again called upon to perform work, the time between these two work periods counts as working time. Relevant provisions have been not identified.

The legislation does not specify the duration of such break. Workers shall not perform more than 60 hours per week, 55 hours in average in each 4-week period and 48 hours in average in each period of 16 consecutive weeks. On-call work consignatie starts at the moment of a call to work.


Collective agreements may deviate from these provisions in exceptional circumstances, if the nature of work or the circumstances of the workplace justify this. Exceptions from the daily arbeidsfijdenwet period apply when the nature of work necessitates it that it is carried out to a considerable extent as stand-by work aanwezigheidsdienst and that this cannot be prevented by organising the work in a different way.

These workers are entitled to work in a stable and regular pattern of work and rest breaks. Work and Arbekdstijdenwet Act.

Young workers shall not perform more than 9 hours of work per shift. Rest breaks are required for workers who work more than 5. The break may be split into two breaks of at least 15 minutes.

This determination must be made in sufficient time for the worker to be able to prepare for his or her leave, unless prevented by important reasons. Working Hours Decree Art. Four times the agreed weekly working time To this respect, for a five-day working week the worker is arbedstijdenwet to 20 days of annual leave. Workers can make a new request at most once every two years after the employer has granted or refused a previous request.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

However, the employer has to ensure that rest periods not granted for these reasons are provided afterwards. Work and Care Act Wet arbeid en zorgdated 16 Novemberas amended and in force 30 June http: Deviation from the entitlement to a rest break is also possible by collective agreement where: Limits on overtime hours General limits No specific statutory overtime limit.

The duration of this leave is for a short period, determined according to standards of fairness.