Anaerobic denitrification filter using deniballs as food for the bacteria, for use with seawater aquariums up to ltrs. A slow water flow through a filter medium. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Aqua Medic Nitratereductor NR at Amazon UK. Question: I currently have an Aqua Medic SP pump to feed an Aqua Medic NR Nitrate Reactor. I actually have 3 of these pumps that I have managed.

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I thought I would shed some light on the positive and negative aspects of running a nitrate reactor. Within half an hour, every fish in my 90, along with most inverts, were dead. It will kill every fish in the tank as well as make the entire house nitrwte like rotten eggs. So the phosphates were building up in the tank. It is operated at a very low flow rate.

What was happening was that I either had too small a skimmer or not one at all. So while the nitrate reactor was removing the nitrates it was also moving the tank out of balance.

If this happens usually you can save the tank. I never did this but after loosing the entire tank of fish wish I had. Selling and trading on ReefCentral.

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I also know another member of LRC that has one again without any problems. If the filter is left on the tank or restarted without being cleaned then disaster will strike. Been running a nitrate reactor for a little over a year.

In one instance, the flow through the nitrate reductor had stopped. Mdic I have found is once you get the tank to zero nitrates its best to remove the reactor till you start building deductor up again. Category Traitement de leaus. Find More Posts by anemone Aquadistri Engrais liquide pour plantes aquatiques I have a nitrate reactor running on this tank removing the nitrates from this water. If you have one how is it.? I would dump the entire reactor once a year in the back yard and hose it out.


Does anybody know anything about these things? Use of this web site is subject to the terms and conditions described in the user agreement. I then use this water for water changes on some of my tanks.

My tank will take about 4 months to go from nitrate to 0 then I can go months with no reactor before my nitrates start rising again. The negatives of the nitrate reductor start with why I stopped using them.


The filter can be installed. Being a rookie at using this filter, I just turned up the flow a little bit to get it going again. The Nitratereductor NR is a completely sealed biological filter for aquariaup to gal. The only draw back it that it smells really bad while you do this.

If you are using a peri pump to add water and then trying to control the flow to 1 drop per second then the amount of water you need to exit the reactor to get the 1 drop per second is less than the peri pump is trying to put into the reactor then you are going to put pressure on the system and you will get leaks as the peri pump is trying to push water into the reactor that has nowhere to go.

It is amazing how dripping a few drops per second can remove all the nitrate from a gallon aquarium, it does take a while but it works. I also recommend running a fuge with some cheato or other macro to help with po4. I have had a. Phil, Still thinking about one, but concernd about what you experinced with it.

It sucks the alk right out of the water, even if its a duel chamber with ARM. So finding a way to maintain water quality is a problem. Also if you use the LSM type of reactor you need to watch alk very carefully. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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Waterlife Ammonia Test Kits 50 Tests. Aqua Medic Nitrate Reductor up to gal. Hi, Mddic have been running one of the Nitratereductor for about the past 8 months with no leaks whatsoever. By using it this way their is no presure and no leaks Prior to using the AQ I tapped into my return line from sump and ran it on the drip method using a valve on the inlet to the reactor to control the flow until I got 1 drip per second on the exit pipe.

Champion The Nitratereductor NR is a completely sealed biological filter for aquariaup to gal. Hi Guys Im very interested in buying a Nitrate reactor and have been looking at the Aqua-Medic Nitratereductor NR and have been impressed in what ive read. DaveMillyJan 13, Your name or email address: I have ten different small tanks. The filter can be installed ,Nitrate Qaua up to gal. It’ll improve your chances of saving your tank but is certainly not a guarantee. Find More Posts by rbnice1.

Don’t forget phosphates either as they can create additional problems. Just remove the filter from the tank, clean it in the back yard with the hose, add more deni-balls to the filter, and put the filter on the shelf for a while.