This gripping final mission brings together Alex Rider’s old enemies to frame the teenage superspy in an unstoppable plot of revenge, from which he can never. Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz – review. ‘I also think this book has one of the coolest covers. It looks deadly on a bookshelf’. Groovy Dhruv. Alex Rider: ‘Scorpia Rising is a really exciting book. Alex Rider’s life is on the end of the line’.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: Scorpia begins its operation by arranging for Razim body to be found in the River Thames.

His latest novel, Moriarty, is also set in the world of Sherlock Holmes and was published in October If you enjoyed the other Alex Rider books, you’ll love this. To ask other readers questions about Scorpia Risingplease sign up. Julius starts giggling hysterically, while Razim comments on how more powerful emotional pain is compared to physical.

Now, for the intense part, buckle up your seat-belts. It did really happen. Point Blanc Graphic Novel Horowitz. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. MI6, being the crazy people they are who love to put Alex’s life in danger, do some planning of their own to get Alex risibg do another mission for them. My thoughts were messed up after reading this book.

Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz | : Books

It would be like saying goodbye to a dear friend. Smithers joined Alex on his mission, because, honestly, all he was doing was going to school, right? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Quotes from Scorpia Rising. It turns out that the American Secretary of State is present in Cairo to make an anti-British speech in order to draw attention to herself, and the CIA were there for her protection.


Scorpia being a very skilful organization, Ariston wants Kurst and his team to steal the Elgin marbles for him and return them to the Greeks because the British government is not riing them for more information on the Elgin marbles, please Google the topic.

Smithers reveals after the assault that he has actually worn a fat suit since Alex first met him, which he removes to escape the attempt on his life. Preview — Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz. He assigns the mission to the newest Scorpia This novel starts with Zeljan Kurst, leader of Scorpia, a international terrorist organization,being asked by Yannis Ariston Xenopolos, a Greek billionaire with cancer, to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece.

And finally, Smithers had a fat suit the whole time. I didn’t think it was necessary either. Not your typical hero. Alex, being the brilliant spy he is, does the most he can to dig up information about Scorpia by pursuing the School Security Head who is suspected to have something to do with the business of Alex’s mission. I feel like Horowitz was pressed for time so he threw together a quick ending. MI-6 is manipulated into sending Alex and Jack Starbright to Egypt to infiltrate an international school, where it believes a kidnapping or hostage situation is imminent.

Scorpia, reeling from two devastating failures caused by Alex, is hired by a dying Greek multibillionaire to have the Elgin marbles of British Museum fame returned to their rightful country. And this time, Alex won’t get away. The whole series was so predictable and patterned.

Give it a few years, i can wait. Alex Rider 1 – 10 of 12 books. This marks the first time Alex has ever shot someone. How does Razim cause it? It is the most emotional of all the novels and when I anthkny something so emotional it reads like one of the best stories.

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An author faces a lot of pressure writing the last book of a popular series. Was this book just as good scotpia the last 8?

Scorpia then begins to target Smithers, antthony is found to have booby trapped his entire house in Cairo, from itching powder to a doormat which leads to the Cairo sewers. I read it as an e-book despite hating e-books because there was nothing else to read and because Alex’s stories kept me sane. Despite many members of the executive board expressing general amusement with Razim’s plan, Levi Ajthony hotly protests and threatens to kill Zeljan Kurst if Scorpia does not let him leave.

Unbeknownst to her, the Land Rover has 30 kilograms of explosives connected to it and, with Alex watching live on a screen, Julius detonates the bomb, killing her instantly.

Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz – review

He’s hoorowitz them down before, but they won’t stay down for long. If there are any people out there who were able to predict the heart wrenching moments of this book, congratulations, official Sherlock Holmes’.

View all 15 comments. Alex turns to walk away, but Julius finds his gun and aims to shoot Alex, but not before Alex shoots him first.

Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz – review

Razim instead decides to use the opportunity to subject him to emotional pain. So the last book was pretty good. Before Blunt says goodbye, Mrs.