Prędzej czy później musisz poznać czasowniki złożone w języku angielskim. Phrasal Verbs “frejzale” z nami to przyjemność. Nauka online z ćwiczeniami. Get this from a library! Angielski: idiomy i phrasal verbs: dla średnio zaawansowanych i zaawansowanych. [Dorota Koziarska; Andy Edwins; Miłogost Reczek;. Zapytaj eksperta. Wszystkie pytania · Dodaj pytanie · Główna Nauka Phrasal verbs dig in. KONWERSACJE MP3 ZA DARMO SPRAWDŹ».

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We decided to take a picnic and make a day of it.

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This idiom means that in order to achieve something or make progress, there are often losers in the process. The students were put through difficult tests. This is a very colloquial way of expressing surprise or disbelief at something you have heard.

The managers of that company have a lot to answer for. If something is to little avail, it means that, despite great efforts, something ended in failure, but taking comfort from the knowledge that nothing else could have been done to avert or avoid the result.

A white elephant is an expensive burden; something that costs far too much money to run, like the Millennium Dome in the UK.

Anne anglelski she can answer for his ability to do the job well. UK The thin blue line is a term for the police, suggesting that they stand between an ordered society and potential chaos.

Do you want to make something of it? They were acting on the instructions of senior managers. She broke away from him and ran to the door.


50 najpopularniejszych phrasal verbs

People say that you have to take the rough with the smooth, meaning that you have to be prepared to accept the disadvantages as well of the advantages of something. When the penny drops, someone belatedly understands something that everyone else has long since understood. If you take your hat off to someone, you acknowledge that they have done something exceptional or otherwise deserve your respect.

The dangers for people in the military angieelski civilians do not face, for which they receive payment, are known as the X factor. If someone is whistling in the dark, they believe in a positive result, even though everybody else is sure it will not happen.

We’ve had a few problems in our marriage, but we’re both determined to make a go of it.

If something does something to a fault, they do it excessively. Their coach must answer for the team’s poor performance. Common Phrasal Verbs Bring up, fall apart, get over, put through If someone is very involved in something, they are up to their neck in it, especially if it is something bad or immoral. This idiom means you can offer something to someone, like good advice, but you cannot make them take it.

Tom asked Emily out to dinner. When used about a person, it means that it is difficult to get them to do or allow what you want. UK The person who wears the trousers in a relationship is the dominant person who controls things.

If someone does something with a heavy hand, they do it in a strict way, exerting a lot of control. If you take something on the chin, something bad happens to you and you take it directly without fuss. If you test the waters, or test the water, you experiment to see how successful or acceptable something is before implementing it.


If everything is going well and the future looks full of opportunity, you have the world at your feet.

If you wash your hands of something, you disassociate yourself and accept no responsibility for what will happen. A rake is a garden tool with a long, thin, wooden handle, so someone very thin is thin as a rake. If someone is taken down a peg or taken down a peg or twothey lose status in the eyes of others because of something they have done wrong or badly.

USA This idiom is used to show that something has ended and there is nothing more to say about something. If you take a straw poll, you sound a number of people out to see their opinions on an issue or topic.

When there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians, there are two many managers and not enough workers to work efficiently. If something is done to pretend to be dealing with an issue or problem, rather than actually dealing with it, it is window dressing.

Ale tak to super: If someone has tasted blood, they have achieved something and are encouraged to think that victory is within their grasp. You have to answer for any problems that happen during the show.