Political Ponerology has ratings and 28 reviews. The first manuscript of this book went into the fire five minutes before the arrival of the secret p. About the Author. Andrew M. Lobaczewski was born in and grew up on a rural estate in the beautiful pied mountain vicinity of Poland. Under the Nazi. In , the third and final copy was written from memory by the last survivor of the original researchers: Andrew Lobaczewski. Zbigniew Brzezinski blocked its.

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Political Ponerology is definitely not going to be for everybody.

Political Ponerology Home

And without an understanding of the role of psychopathy, any attempt to objectively evaluate such symptoms of macrosocial evilno matter how accurate, can be co-opted by spellbinders. Besides inner psychological processes, other conditions contribute to ponerogenesis. In such a way, a partial truth can be used as justification and as a rallying point for further destruction. The good news is that this book is probably the most thorough piece of work I’ve come across dealing with the scientific approach to evil.

Though happy, these times are not necessarily morally advanced as the society’s prosperity or happiness may be premised on the oppression of a target group.

This behavior model should be extended to many pathologies, including inherited psychological anomalies. Thus we deem such individuals “bad”, inferring that they have negative intentions, rather than attempting to understand the psychological conditions that are driving them and which convince them that they are doing what is right.

Dramatic and distracting hand movements, “close-talking,” and intensive eye contact, all of which tend to confuse the listener, often accompany their long-winded speech. Philosophical reflection alone is insufficient.

Political ponerology

What it reveals about the insidious hidden behind the mundane will shatter the world views of most. The same dynamic plays out in interpersonal relations. These individuals are less sexually vital than essential psychopaths, often repulsed by normal human sexuality.

These effects and the confusion they engender can then lead to, and reinforce our collective ignorance of such individuals. Those people who use conversive operations too often for the purpose of finding convenient conclusions, or constructing some cunning paralogistic or paramoralistic statements, eventually begin to undertake such behavior for ever more trivial reasons, losing the capacity for conscious control over their thought process altogether.


This results in split-second decision-making, and hasty actions and words that are deemed absolute and irrevocable.

Otherwise, psychopaths are easily bored. Individuals and groups grow increasingly self-serving, and the links of moral duty and social networks loosen. This fundamental deficit in a minority of the population allows our global tragedy to continue unabated.

A mask of sanity covers their deviant personal aspirations and capabilities, and while friendly to those who do not notice their fault, they are hostile adrew those with accurate psychological knowledge.

Psychopaths frequently change topics, go on tangents, and refuse give direct answers to questions. There is a great deal of confusion about values and such societies grow to be seen lobaczews,i arrogant lobacezwski hedonistic. There is always a heart of gold beneath a cold-blooded exterior. After slaughtering the human, stifling its annoying and petty andrea, you can sit down to enjoy your snack! For example, such a group will pass legislation and behave solely to benefit those in control, often becoming violent and starting wars of aggression.

As such, they are judged sane by current legal and psychiatric lobaczewskii Hare, If it weren’t for my life long commitment to understanding evil, I wouldn’t have even picked it up. Difficult times give rise to the values necessary to conquer evil and produce better lonaczewski.

These differences must be taken into account when attempting to achieve an objective look at reality. This is what it felt like reading this book, because it’s essentially true.

In short, it is designed to support social cooperation and the survival of the group, sometimes in contrast to the equally strong instinct of self-preservation. For example, when confronted about his lack of empathy a psychopath may evade the issue and say, “What about empathy for me? However, they tend to ignore what most consider as important issues, and will avoid speaking of abstract values and feelings unknown to them.

Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

Infected with unhealthy emotions and pathological material, they can assume positions opposite to those which they formerly followed. The andree manuscript of this book went into the furnace minutes before a secret police raid in Communist Poland.

While they may convincingly profess to love in the most romantic and meaningful of ways, these displays are soon replaced with selfishness, arrogance and hedonism. In literature and film, evil is romanticized; portrayed as mysterious, yet beautiful; dark, yet conflicted. Also, for a “scientific” report, there was very little science, and the author makes conclusions and assumptions that don’t necessarily follow from the data – he doesn’t just take liberties, he squeezes them for all they’re worth and maybe spare change, as well.


We learned after a while not to believe anything he said because he told so many lies… He has never shown any guilt or remorse for his depredations; on the contrary, he continually complains about his treatment by the press, the prison system, and society”.

A violent psychopath can, as Hare puts it, “torture and mutilate [a human being] with about the same sense of concern that we feel when we carve a turkey. This, unfortunately, is a confusion of the effect the good times with the cause the dedicated effort to understand and the reality-matching social organizations created by that understanding which brought the good times into being.

An example of this variety can be seen in the host of groupies, pen pals, supporters, and love-struck fans that flocks towards dangerous serial killers like Richard Ramirez and Ted Bundy.

This felt like reading something out of an esoteric academic journal, dang, I felt like I was back in grad school being forced to wade through academic drivel again.

During unhappy times, the intelligentsia and society at large can recover this specialized knowledge to resolve the social order along mentally healthier lines.

We then apply this mode of thinking to others whose behavior we see as improper.

The blind spot in most people’s mind is about psychopathy and by filling this gap of knowledge with this information we will be able to stop the cycle of evil which seems to repeat endlessly on this planet.

These somewhat naive views on evil are not entirely wrong. To use a simple analogy, the potter is instrumental in molding pottery from clay nurturebut the characteristics of the pottery also depend on the sort of clay available nature.