English forest anchomanes (Morton). SENEGAL: DIOLA éken (JB; K&A) = sucker (DF, The Gambia) SIERRA LEONE: KISSI n-dσndσ (FCD) MENDE kipσnσ (def. Plant Morphology: Growth Form: Tuberous herb to 2m tall. Foliage: Solitary leaf to 2m tall and a spread up to 1m wide; leaf with 3 main branches, leaflets to. Common name, -. Synonym, Amorphophallus difformis. Other names, › Anchomanes difformis (Blume) Engl. Rank, SPECIES. Lineage, › cellular organisms.

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Les Plantes Utiles du Gabon. There was no significant difference in groups C and D when compare with control group A. If you would like to support this site, please consider Donating. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. I grow Anchomanes Difformis in a pot and bring it indoors for the winter.

This is also a species that has fleshy roots that help it to survive the dry spells along with the main tuber that stores nutrients. Plenty in it for both the casual reader and the serious student. Different cultures have used these plants for different purposes. The major edible Araceae are Colocasia esculenta and several species of Xanthosomagrown primarily for their corms and sometimes for their leaves. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Other physical signs such as agitation and hair loss were probably due to the effect of the extract on the treated animals as well. The kidneys of the experimental animals were histologically examined for morphologic changes. Anti-bacteria activity of extracts prepared from tropical and sub-tropical plants on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. The present necessity to investigate the safety of A. Folk uses of New World aroids. Please review our privacy policy.

Further phytochemical studies by Tchiakpe et al. Not for the casual reader. Then the leaf stems developed a motley patching and some small spines.


It usually contains milky or watery latex, which is rarely colored. Plants of the Arum Family. A superb, if terse, resource, it is also available electronically on the Web – see http: Found some interesting looking seeds clustered typically like an aroid so I collected some and put them in pots.

West African Plants – A Photo Guide – Anchomanes difformis (Blume) Engl.

The dried tissues on the glass slides were dirformis through two changes of xylene for five minutes from where they were passed through descending grades of ethanol. In this study, the severity of cellular distortion appears to be dose-dependent, with chances of toxicity with even mild doses consumed over a long duration. If you have any useful information about this plant, please leave a comment.

Sixteen adult Wistar rats of both sexes weighing between g were used in this study. Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology. The seeds sprouted and grew through winter looking very much like an Alocasia. The floating tissues were then picked with glass slides rubbed with egg white to ease adhesion.

Anchomanes difformis

This might have affected the appetite of the animals anchomxnes caused them to consume less of the feed. The animals were housed and maintained in wooden cages with the top guided by thick fifformis wires on its top for proper ventilation at the animals holding of the Department of Anatomy, University of Benin, Benin City. They tend to gain height very fast and it will be at least 3 feet tall in about 5 – 6 weeks when I take it outdoors. Meanwhile, approval for this work was obtained from the Department of Anatomy, University of Benin, Benin-city.

Moreover, the degree of toxicity appears to be dose-dependent. The treatment groups B, C, and D received feed mash mixed with crude extract of A. Socioeconomic and behavioral factors leading to acquired bacterial resistance to antibiotics in developing countries.


The dried crude extract was mixed with feed mash in different diftormis depending on the group.

Retrieved from ” https: The section revealed a detailed cortical parenchyma. The rats were fed with Poultry feeds finishers mash produced by Edo feeds and flour mill limited, Ewu, Edo State. Food Plants of Tropical West Africa.

Anchomanes difformis (Amorphophallus difformis)

In this study, the dietary effects of anchomznes widely used crude extract of the leaves and stem of A. In the end, the dose of the extract consumed by the various groups became significant enough to affect kidney damage across the groups regardless of the initial proportion of the extract in each group.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. The current study results suggest renal toxicity with excessive consumption of A. Contact Submit an Article Advertise. C Intermediate proportion g of powered extract mixed difformis g of feed mash. Just one main quibble is the silly way of having two separate entries for each plant. The degree of reduction was related to the amount of crude extract of Anchomanes difformis received.

Results Physical Observation The weights of the Wistar rats were compared before and after the experiment Table 2. Group D rats ancohmanes the lowest dose of extract, that is, they were fed with g of feed mash and 50 g of plant extract. On Mar 27,tropicbreeze from noonamah, Australia wrote: On the 14th day of extract administration to the Wistar rats, they were sacrificed by cervical dislocation following prior anesthesia using chloroform.

More research revealed it was Anchomanes difformis.