The only people to call Anauroch home were the nomadic Bedine tribes and a small Zhentarim garrison, tasked with patrolling and defending a line of oases. I believe Anauroch: The Sundering of the World is the correct title of this adventure, the “Empire of Shade” bit is only used in the image, and as far as I can tell. Check out this new article Wizards of the Coast posted recently: Anauroch: The Sundering of the World Art Gallery Whether you’re continuing.

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Volo’s Guide – Myth Drannor, City of Song

To clarify, it’s the “Forgotten Realms as we know it” end. Friday, 27th July, Just try not to say sunderinng too loud or crass. But a Forum search should do MaxKaladin Learned Scribe 77 Posts. You are most wise to consult me in all matters of life in the Realms – in particular the ‘little dark secrets’ rulers, guilds, and other folk of power least want you to know.

I also expect that there will be a metaphorical ‘sundering’, so to speak. Alone among God’s primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. That was a pretty impressive and interesting first post.

I realize there is a certain amount of hyperbole involved in these titles. Just last night we finished the first book: The links point me to The Twilight Tomb, which as “page adventure”s go was a tad shorter than Chult is no longer an island.

I don’t think those have changed. The Shaar became a desert because of climactic changes. While rare, random acts of violence and outright theft are largely worpd province of power groups driven from the ruins, including dark nagas, fey’ri, and alhoons, either directly or through their minions.


The most popular elven faiths include the churches of Corellon Larethian, Shevarash, and Solonor Thelandira.

Volos’ Guide

I am still a bit weary of these adventures, especially because of the bombast of the titles. So given worlc discrepancies, I have to say that the beautiful, wonderful and inspiring SCAG map is a 3E map that is being paraded as a 5E map. What were your impressions? Anyway, this is a fairly odd explanation, and they mostly gloss over the inevitable catastrophe that this would be for the surrounding areas loss of land, the complete destruction of all the crops in the affected sunderimg, etc.

And yet in SCAG it is completely gone: The history of the city, from its founding as Cormanthor in DR with the summoning of the Rule Tower, to the establishment of its mythal in the Year of Soaring Stars DRto its fall in the Year of Doom DR is well established and not repeated here.

However, I’m nowhere near starting so was wondering what others have done. Originally Posted by Morrus. At your Behest Seeker. David Scott – Tuesday, 17th November, I, personally, am looking forward greatly to these.

Dungeon of the Mad Mage Level Cormyr, Shadowdale, Anauroch It would seem it this trilogy of adventures has a lot to recommend it, especially for my group: The Abyss-tainted elves destroyed the Morninglord’s temple in the Westfields, claimed Castle Cormanthor as their seat of power, and summoned the exiled arch-devil Malkizid.

I’ll try not to Poets and philosophers are alike in being big with wonder.

Anauroch: The Sundering of the World Art Gallery – Myth-Weavers

Originally Posted by JohnLynch. In the Year of Wild Magic DRthe Shadovar of Thultanthar, City of Shade, covered the ruined city with a shadowshell, trapping a small colony of phaerimm inside the mythal. You clearly haven’t read the SCAG then. It has 5 chapters and your players absolutely will be confronting them in order.


Sunless Skies Come to Tabletop: There’s confusion over the border here in the flatlands as well. Rats, I didn’t run through an adventure beforehand. Arcanum Acolyte 8 Posts. As much as I loved the idea of the SAGA system and the products themselves I could never get a safe enough grip on the rules to actually make use of the system. I would be surprised if any of that was actually included.

Anauroch the sundering of the world pdf

Hi all, I have been a lurker on Enworld for years, and finally decided that this topic was where I would make my posting debut. Ask me tomorrow – I can be sure of giving you the right ajauroch then. That is, now that I have I am teh intrigued to find out how exactly Daily life is a mix of armed military exercises, salvaging, debris clearing, rebuilding, and aiding in unloading and distributing the much-needed wears of merchant caravans bringing arms, armaments, and supplies.

The Scouring of the Land Parts 1 and 2 of said super adventure there. It was a very bad railroad.

Uchawi – Wednesday, 25th November, Most visitors to the city come under armed guard as members of a merchant caravan. Pathfinder 2nd Edition For an example, compare the roads in the region between Baldur’s Gate, Elturgard, and Dragonspear Castle. On a side note: In addition to encounters, this book contains detailed source material on the land of Anauroch, home of ancient Netherese woorld and the Empire of Shade.

The Tearing of the Weave” and “Shadowdale: