ANANDA SUTRAM COMMENTARY CHAPER ONE 1/1. SHIVA SHAKTYA’ TMAKAM’BRAHMA Word Meanings: SHIVA (SHI +. Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, the founder of Ananda Marga, dictated the original Bengali Ananda Sutram to a close devotee as they sat, in a series of. Ananda Sutram. 1K likes. Ananda Sutram is the basic scripture of modern Yoga composed in Sanskrit by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti () in the year

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Obstacles are the helping forces that establish one in the goal.

The attachment to happiness is the primary vrtti propensity of living beings. Views Read View source View history.

Ananda Sutram – Sarkarverse, the wikipedia of all things Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

There sutrram be maximum utilization and rational distribution of the crude, subtle, and causal resources. The text consists of five chapters of eighty-five sutras threads describing the universe, the mind, the spirit, and the foundations of a healthy society.

Tayoh siddhih saincare pratisaincare ca: In undeveloped organisms, creepers and shrubs where mahat has not yet evolved, there is aham as well as citta.

Brahma is the composite of Shiva and Shakti Retrieved from ” https: Literary works of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar portal. Utilizations vary in accordance with time, space, and form; the utilizations should be progressive.


Many of his books he gave as dictations; others were compiled from his discourses, some of them in small pocket-books. Increasing the minimum standard of living of the people is the indication of the vitality of society. In the movement of the social cycleone class ustram always dominant. The surplus wealth should be distributed among meritorious people according to the degree of their merit.

There should be no accumulation of wealth without the permission of society.

Only Brahma is the guru, no one else. The Buddhitattva, or Mahattattva, itself is not the doer, but remains associated with objects. The tri-attributional primordial force progenitrix of creation flows on in endless triangular forms. The minimum requirements of an age should be guaranteed to all. Ananda Sutram “Ananda Sutram”: In the triangle of forces, the three attributes of Prakrti are locked in endless mutual transformation.

This is the Progressive Utilization Theorypropounded for the happiness and all-round welfare of all.

Ananda Sutram

The seed of the universe lies beyond the mind, in a state the mind cannot comprehend. This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat There should be maximum utilization of the physical, mental, and spiritual potentialities of the individual and collective beings. A congenial sutraam feeling is called happiness. The universe takes form within the Cognitive Body.


Devotion is ideation on God, not flattery of God or ritualistic worship. In undeveloped living organisms, creepers and shrubs where aham and mahat have not yet evolved, there is only citta. Prayer and ritualistic worship only become a source of confusion. Located in the nucleus of the social cycle, sadvipras control the social cycle.

In the bodiless mind there is no doership, no feeling of pleasure or pain. With further movement towards the zutram, the mahat evolves out of the ahamtattva. In this book the author authoritatively summarized the entire Ananda Marga ideology.

Brahma is Absolute Truth; the universe is also truth, but relative.