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The motor will not spin up without the sync signal, and it seems happiest with something around Hz. I suggest you throw it away. an8247sn

ANSB PDF Datasheet, Equivalent part search

Douglas Datasueet this motor spins too fast for You, to be able to get a visible, moving dot. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. You’re our first Russian customer.

I didn’t get as much as an email, let alone someone interested in buying it. That was really great because I was worried that those two pins datasheft I2C control lines which would have made reverse engineering a lot more difficult. I was trying to power it up, but no success.

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Hi, I have the same chip, but on a different board from a different printer. April 22, 7: July 25, Hey we got a strange method to rotate the motor! Large Quantity in stock5. Photo shown is representation only.


I have the same motor and it doesnt work. Digging through my junk box today, I unearthed the scanning mirror from a laser printer, otherwise known as the Heart of the LaserJet. By rotating the mirror very slowly by hand, I counted 6 pulses per revolution.

Datashewt thing i would like to do is proceed the motor. Tracing back through the power board I notice that it connects to a filter capacitor with a 25V rating. There is no need to resubmit your comment.

April 27, 9: Any unauthorized reproduction of any content herein is strictly prohibited. So my usual plan of attack does not succeed. Dear Sir The information you have provided is really good. Business Email or Member ID: I need it very much, please for any help. I spun the na8247sb assembly, and I saw pulses!

ANSB Datasheet, PDF – Qdatasheet

Not even anything bad. Its very interesting i was thinking an8247sg use of this motors for demo show datasueet project. All shipping with ESD antistatic! It also spins at lower voltage in as well. April 1, Could you map your input ports to pins on datashewt so it is easier for other people to find out the pinout of their PCBs? I have almost the same circuit. Please provide necessary infomation so that the manufacturers could reply you in time.

I send on the printer 1 page for example, test pageBut the printer gives out 1 or 2 completely of black sheet, then sheets with alternating black-and-white strips. Please specify your purchasing quantity to get accurate quotation. Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. Product Photos Show Photo shown is representation only.


English is obviously not your native language.

AN8247SB, AN8248NSB, AN8248SB

February 21, 9: Since no signal came ann8247sb of the pin, it must be an input. Pulse pin must be 4. They all went into a big microcontroller, but the wiring connections were different. My pins are from right: I have a module with this IC: Changing the duty did. You can use these tags: January 8, 5: Pin 2 had a 10K pullup to some low voltage supply, pin 4 went straight into the microcontroller, and pin 5 came from an RC filter from the microcontroller.

Base on Excellent stock resources,Our employees server customer from more than 80 countries. All the best, Tomasz Bajraszewski, Poland – Anonymous.

For interest I thought of powering it up, but I dataheet cannot find a data sheet for the device. The next datasheft was to figure out the relationship of input frequency to output speed, so I connected my trusty old Nixie frequency counter to the output of my function generator and my multimeter set to frequency to the tach output.