1 The Official Rules of Play for the Game of Amtgard V8 Made Easy; Introduction; Amtgard the Organization; Role-playing in. Amtgard requires cooperation, honor, and fair play in order to ensure the most fun for all participants. Please read these rules thoroughly. Classes in Amtgard are designed so that each one brings a unique and valuable set of skills to the field which can be used as . V8 Rulebook.

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Typically each team has a spawn point and dead players will return to their spawn, or an out-of-the-way place near it, when they die. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

8.0 Rulebook

Role-play is about the experience, not the story telling. Monsters in Amtgard can represent the smallest, friendliest sprite, the largest most fearsome dragon, or anything else in between. Here are a few quick steps to help you learn what you need to know to play on the field with magic and abilities. A person may advance in level in a class after having the requisite credits and amtgarr a class test administered by your class Guildmaster.

Before picking a amygard for a game it is important to understand a few simple concepts. If your browser supports it, you should be able to disconnect from the network and still use Easygard!

You must play the class you wish to gain credit in.

WarriorBarbarianScout and Healer all offer abilities that could support that. Thanks to Myles Rousselle for compiling a list atmgard General Clarifications.

Two people fighting together is sparring, but three or more people playing together is typically considered a Battlegame of some sort. If no class is played but fighting takes place, you may take a Warrior credit. Reeves are an extremely important part of the Amtgard experience, as they are the smtgard who are charged with attempting to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the game participants. Fighting classes have fewer, but more focused, abilities to go along with their expanded equipment availability.


Views Page Discussion View source History. There are lots of Magic and Abilitiesbut only a few results. Enchantments or class neutrals with downsides, maybe? Magic-users have access to a broad array of magicwhich is listed along with their class description. Get people who are willing to role-play to play Non-Player Characters and Monsters in quests. Monster is a special class, playable only in games where the game designer and local monarch have given their permission for the class to be used.

All classes also have a list of weapons and armor they can use regardless of level. When a 4th level druid can cast flame blade which is the same thing? You will have stories to share with friends that will be better than any story you can dream up. Amtgaed counts could be a couple of minutes, a few seconds, or as soon as you reach your spawn point.

Hey guys, slight issue with viewing the rule book on iPhone The name of amtgad Ability. Likewise, selecting someone to play a monster who is not interested in role-playing can give false hope to the role-players involved and be counter-productive. Daniel Caskey January All offensive combat abilities with very few exceptions result in one of those States or Special Effects.

Make sure you and your team are working towards the goal. Everything else has to hit your body. Views Page Discussion View source History. Armor-Destroying strikes are f8 rarer. A small shield can be strap to a arm and it will work. Anything non-standard about the Ability. Understandably, it is impossible for the writers to foresee and account for every possible situation.


V8 Made Easy – AmtWiki

Make sure you are having fun: Classes in Amtgard are designed so that each one brings a unique and valuable set of skills to the field which can be used as part of a team. Hell, power boosts are fine. John Bishop January Let’s talk custom abilities and game mechanics for a bit.

Have you ever thought up “farmables” that are balanced for PVP? Think of the abilities that you want your character to have and select that class. In regards to flat blades how thick must the blade be.

The initial goal is to get a searchable, easy to use application with the basics up and running first. The armor rules can look intimidating at first glance but it can be boiled down to a few simple rules that allow you to interact with the armor system in combat. The only equipment available for peasants to use is a single short weapon or a single dagger.

They state your name, point at you, and say an incantation of three repetitions of a phrase that activates the Verbal. If amtagrd want more information read the Magic and Abilities sections. The reeve will announce how lives are handled before the game starts.

There is a fair level of treatment that one should expect when role-playing. Try something new or goofy. This allows everyone to enjoy their time at Amtgard. Engulfing Magic Balls Iceballetc and weapons Pinning Arrowxmtgard can affect you by hitting your equipment or garb.

How often the Ability can be used.