AMPHIESMA STOLATUM. Buff Striped Keelback. 花浪蛇 (hua1lang4she2). Status: Not Protected. Non-venomous. VIDEOS. Amphiesma stolatum. The buff striped keelback (Amphiesma stolatum) is a species of nonvenomous colubrid snake found across Asia. It is a typically nonaggressive snake that feeds . Amphiesma stolatum (Linnaeus, ) – Striped Keelback. Taxonomic Notes: Photo Gallery; Early stages; Distribution; Identification; Status, Habitat and Habits .

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Special tsolatum to Ton Smits and Parinya Pawangkhanant for their help with many range data. It has keeled scales on the dorsal surface of the body. Not found in Islands.

New Holland Publishers, pp. There are rows of scales, which are strongly keeled except, except those on the flanks.

India Biodiversity Portal

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 63, — Whitaker R. Buff Striped Keelback G: BoieRhabdophis stolatus — WallAmphiesma stolatum — David et al. Observation specific search options Observed during.

These are two inter-nasals, two nasals and the first supralabial on each side. The Reptiles of British India.

Amphiesma stolatum (Linnaeus, ) | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

Its main goal is summarize the most relevant or attractive characteristics of this taxon to the general public. The interscale colours become visible only when the snake puffs itself up when agitated. The rostral touches a total of 6 shields. Asiatic Herpetological Research, Vol.


The snake lays a clutch of 5 to 10 pure white eggs. The distribution of reptiles and amphibians in the Annapurna-Dhaulagiri region Nepal. Indian Foundation for Butterflies. Locomotion typical serpentine and moderate. A checklist of reptiles of Kerala, India. This website includes photographic records, distributional data, and natural history information under various tabs of the species pages.

This study focuses on the assessment of the terrestrial vertebrate diversity of Guwahati. Greek for “garment, vestment”, named in apposition to the epithet of the type species, A. Most of the new born seen from monsoon to late winters.

Buff striped keelback

There are black vertical markings in front of and behind the large eyes. Habitat includes moist, mixed and dry deciduous forests, wetlands, grasslands of plains and moderate elevations.

Tropidonotus stolatus Boulenger Technology partner Strand Life Sciences. Venter off white or yellowish white. A preliminary report on the reptile fauna of the Kingdom of Bhutan with the description of a new species of scincid lizard Reptilia: Records of the Indian Museum 1: A general description, with any kind of information about the taxon.


Scales in 19 17 or Tropidonotus stolatuspp. National Center for Biotechnology Information http: The primary diet of adult A. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Synonyms Amphiesma stolatusPeng Guo et al. A note on snakes of Kanha National Park and surrounding areas. Natricine snakes support the Cenozoic Beringian Dispersal Hypothesis.

User Group specific search options Title. Can include ecosystem services. Biodiversity Atlas – India is a species-based bioinformatics platform that is voluntarily supported by numerous organisations such as the National Centre for Biological SciencesIndian Foundation for ButterfliesDiversity Indiaand Titli Trust.

Taxonomic Status of Mabuya multicarinata Gray, Scincidae: Striped Keelback, Buff-striped Keelback. Anatomy and morphology A small, slender snake, the buff striped keelback is generally olive-brown to gray in colour.

Publishing, New Delhi, pp.