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Additional alarms will display on all alarm monitors once the preceding alarm is cleared Rotate – The first alarm in will be displayed on all alarm monitors. I’m a general IT guy that’s handy in a few areas.

Tours Sequences You can fix up to 16 tours or sequences of video inputs for call-up to monitors at anytime. System Partitioning and Keyboard Priority Operation The controller system allows assigning keyboards to one of 8 levels of priority control of remote camera sites – level 1 being the highest priority for control of cameras.

Would anyone be able to lend some advice as to what to look for or try next? T-bar Mount – Long. IP Hard Surface Mount. When you plug it back in, it should show you whether it’s in RS or RS mode and what the baud rate is. System Configuration Modular, high-density system with a choice of 16 video amrrican and 4 video outputs.

The global alarm settings have 5 display modes and 3 clearance modes: Wall Mount – Short. Not all products include all features. Motion Detector Camera Pre-Pack. Display Modes None – No change to the monitor display Last – If multiple alarms are received, the last alarm received is displayed until it is amerocan Stack – If multiple alarms are received, the alarms are displayed on additional alarm enabled monitors.


Menu access is passcode protected to prevent unauthorized access.

American Dynamics ControlCenter Keyboard w/Power ADCCP

Wall Mount – Telescopic. Also, defining authorized access to keyboards, video inputs, and video outputs further enhances system flexibility, this kind of system partitioning includes: Product offerings and specifications are subject to change dynamicw notice. SpeedDome Ultra Pressurized Outdoor. Dual Pivoting Wall Mount. Wall Mount – Short. Flex Arm Clip Mount. On-board Diagnostics The built-in diagnostics allow you to determine the status of the system’s internal components.

All system activities, including tours and alarms, can be controlled directly from the keyboard. Illustra Flex Box Cameras. Sign up for a new account in our community. I tried a few different sites. Views You can program up to views, each with a camera input number and either a preset number or a pattern number. Tilt Mount with 2 Mount Heads.

The LEDs on the front of the unit indicate power status and system health. Power it back on for one minute, then power it off. After an alarm is cleared, the monitor either displays the last alarm response or returns to its pre-alarm state.

SpeedDome Ultra Installation Tool. Events An event is a message that is passed from one matrix to itself or other matrix systems up to 3 on an ADnet network. Default Site ID is 09, I believe.

American Dynamics CC300 Joystick Keypad CCTV Controller

Wall Mount – Long. See any errors on this page?


If it isn’t one of the default values, you can try setting it to one of them. By continue to navigate through this site or by clicking Approve, you consent to the use of cookies on your dynaics as described in our Privacy Notice.

Internal Video Loss Detection The matrix switcher detects any camera that loses video input, and responds with a red screen and a “Video Loss Camera” message. Cameras, presets, patterns, views and auxiliaries are all easily controlled. Posted February 8, Two tours can be connected together to provide up to 32 entries. Each view can be given a unique title, which replaces the camera title on the monitor display when selected either manually or as part of a sequence.

Test Monitor Kit with Wrist Strap. T-bar Mount – Telescopic. Indoor Box Camera Mounts. Illustra Flex Bullet Cameras. Box Camera Mount Kit. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Flex Arm Clip Mount. No Resources available at this time.

ControlCenter + Matrix Keyboard

Discover Super High Resolution. The port can expand to 4 ports with an optional port expander. You can program up to views, each with a camera input number and either a preset number or a pattern number; set up to 16 tours or sequences of video inputs. Test Monitor Kit with Wrist Strap. Transparent – Alarms are amerrican after the alarm contact returns to its neutral state.