She’s got a coterie of friends – one single woman, one ‘getting a divorce’ woman and a Gay couple, a mother who nags Aisha about her. In this amusing though flawed novel, Kala introduces the Bridget Jones of India. Aisha Bathia is an independent year-old single woman living in New Delhi. : Almost Single eBook: Advaita Kala: Kindle Store.

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The story is light, fluffy, heartwarming, witty and funny. Somewhere a clock is ticking, though as far as Aisha is concerned, it can be cheerfully drowned out by laughter over a champagne brunch. Also, I am still confused about the title. sdvait

Almost Single

Almost Single is the story of a 29 year old single woman in Delhi looking for a husband. It’s a satire about the pressures on women to make themselves presentable and get married as early as possible, to as rich a man as possible.

With her two best friends, Misha and Anushka recently divorced from her cheating husbandBathia searches for love, trying everything from online dating to fasting during Karva Chauth, the traditional Hindu festival for married women. I personally feel that the author must have got bored writing it so probably, wrapped up the book rather fast and by taking the most logical path to ending the book. Apart from the conventional saga, one thing that stands out is the ideology of the protagonists.

It’s been a really long time since I read a chick lit I’ve kinda lost appetite for them. It exactly defines the situation women today are in. There always is a fine line between modernism and traditional values that is well portrayed by Advaita. One can almost she her struggling with the shackles of being an Indian girl as she tries to assert her independence.

This is the whole crux of the book. Her mother is forever calling her and nagging her about the marriage prospects that aalmost keeps declining. This site uses cookies. But then, I do not know any hard-partying, pagetype people. Mar 22, Sonia rated it it was ok Shelves: The only reason why I finished reading this book was because I had started reading it. But if you’re kla for a look at the Indian culture’s treatment of marriage, even Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States would be a better pick.


At 29 she is not supposed to be unmarried. Almost Single, a good morale booster initially for ‘almost alomst chicks, u get the drift? Refresh and try again.

Almost Single is singularly awful: The liberated ones who use their married as aomost as maiden surname with a hyphen sound to Aisha like a firm of chartered accountants. Sungle the end of the novel, Aisha is chagrined because her friends are moving on. But there is no freshness in the dialogues and neither in the story line. The book provided me no funmany be laugh in some parts. Most of the parts are very predictable and we have seen and read ziliion times.

Zingle a worthless piece of crap this book was. The characters clearly have no peace in life and hence after reading all that I lost my peace. I would still recommend that you read this book because the book is sjngle representation of the thinking patterns of today’s youth, their ideologoies.

The occasional glimpses of typical ‘Dilli ki ladki’ wisdom coupled with well timed hints of humour successfully earn a few brownie points for the book. A book should be judged only after reading it thoroughly and that is precisely what I did after dispelling my pre-conceived notions. The other character “misha” is in search of an “NRI” husband who advai get her some value in the society and does everything she can to get one. On one hand she is advaig smoker and drinks too much while having already said bye bye to her sacred virginity, on the other hand she still believes in hosting havansastrology, consults babajee before taking every important decision in her life and keeps the Karva chauth fast to find her perfect man.


Book Review of “Almost Single” By Advaita Kala | soniareviews

Corniness of Indian mentality about marriage has already been spoken and done. The genre consists of books written of women, by women and for women. I also feel that the book articulates,subtly, the fact that there are people who think they are modern but are torn between modernity and tranditions.

Fancy, Funny, Chic, and off course bitchy. I am having a hard time with this one as well. With a plethora of disappointing chick lit novels out there, Kala achieves what many cannot—she makes her readers laugh aloud. Not losing hope about getting hitched but at the same time staying perfectly happy and enjoying their singledom. Xdvait it for a one time read.

Humor is a strong point in chick lit. Somewhere a clock is ticking, though as far as Aisha is concerned, it can be cheerfully drowned out by laughter over a champagne brunch. I have, however, been in Delhi for nearly two years adfait, which is a record of sorts for the recent past. I love reading about different cultures and part of the experience and appeal of reading a book taking place in India is learning about India.

Do not expect it to enrich your empty hours. Preview — Almost Single by Advaita Kala.

Almost Single Reader’s Guide

A lot of friends getting married, divorced, having kids, and in all the whirlwind, some of us are single. There is absolutely nothing that a person can learn from this book. It still showed some spark in pockets until I came to kwla last two capters of the book. Paperbackpages. Feb 27, Ranjita Sk rated it did not like it. The plot and people qdvait way too superficial towards the end, making the climax a bit abrupt and chaotic.