Wenlock Edge. By Alice Munro. My mother had a bachelor .. ‘On Wenlock Edge the wood’s in trouble,’—”. The familiar words and rhythms. In a “comment” on the post “Do You Have to Learn to Read a Short Story,” Sandy posts a query about Alice Munro’s story “Wenlock Edge,”. Henfryn Street and Carlisle Street: “Wenlock Edge” feels so vivid that one can hardly resist keying in the significant addresses to see.

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Posted by Charles May at 4: One weekend when Nina was supposed to visit Mr. The narrator gets it right when she feels something akin to outrage at herself for reading poetry to Purvis in this shameful, embarrassing condition.

What motivates her actions is complicated, but she acts boldly. She sees that Ernie and Nina — everybody but her, in fact — have always known what she has just learned about the irrelevance of a university education: December 18th, 18 Comments.

I realize I missed something and, as I have often done before, will re-read the story carefully. The narrator is a student of literature. Her considerate attention to Ernie at their dinner near the end of the story is a reversal of the scorn she evinces for him at the dinner that opens it. Purvis than by her betrayal mumro Nina.


“Wenlock Edge” Alice Munro

Sara last edited Aug 03, It showed us how we’ll never know what we’re capable of, how we can not only surprise but often horrify ourselves, and how we can never really know someone, no matter how well we think we do.

Avatars by Sterling Adventures. Add your email address here to receive our monthly newsletter: His forest fleece the Wrekin heaves. So why does she willing take her clothes off?

Illusions of the Self | THRESHOLDS

Either way Munro traps her reader: Criticism and Medieval Poetry2 nd ed. These trips to the library are, in turn, bracketed by her dinners with Ernie at the Old Chelsea at the beginning and end of the story.

A far greater shame it seemed now than at the time. Jason, it’s sad that it was an award and Viktoria’s blog that made me notice her writing, but I am glad it did.

Too Much Happiness – Wenlock Edge – I don’t get it. Showing of 8

He was a grown man, not married, not in a relationship and Nina was an adult herself. While the narrator requires The Scarlet Letter for a course, Nina has lived the events in the book. It doesn’t surprise me that she puts so much effort into her writing, maybe that’s why the stories seem so complete. In similar fashion, the narrator is represented as an animal and resembles the Cornish hens that she and Mr. Our narrator is not entirely certain whether she alicce respond to Mr. Nina May 03, Winner, who saw them arrive by bus and would have naturally expected them to leave the same way.


The only story from the book I’ve blogged about before alixe Fictionwhich I read over three months ago. One munri is that the recasting does not consist of a series of exact parallels. Michelle Feb 26, Purvis reads and as food that he eats.

Moreover, as readers, we are also in the position of Tom, fantasying that we are Huck, but desiring to maintain our freedom to play. They said that they had once had some crazy idea of being translators at the United Nations, but now they figured wenlovk would teach high school, and with any luck get married.

Reading Alice Munro’s “Family Furnishings”. Her faulty a,ice of reality in the city library culminates in her deluded belief about being on an equal footing with Mr. Like Bertilak, he is a lavish host who toys with his guest. This was only a game.

This story had an eerie feeling for me perhaps just based on a natural suspicion of characters like Mr.