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Effective immediately, Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) to AFI , Officer Promotion, Continuation and Selective Early Removal. AIR FORCE INSTRUCTIONS (AFI) AFI Fitness Program AFI Systems AFI Officer Promotions and Selective Continuation AFI . AIR FORCE INSTRUCTIONS (AFI) AFI Information Security Program AFI Officer Promotions and Selective Continuation AFI Officer.

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Screen the UPRG versus atch 2 for temporary documents required to be removed; staple these documents together and give them to the member.


File only when form pertains to permanent disqualification. Thereafter, one copy of each report rendered is to be filed. Retain existing OCSRs and store for future use. Record the name in order of last name, first name, middle initial, and any designation, such as “Junior, Senior” or a numerical designator. Staple all documents together and forward with AF Formwithin 5 calendar days of date arrived station to the appropriate address: Custodians must make records of performance available to support evaluation boards prescribed by AFIOfficer Evaluation System.

Provide an official photocopy of the report of separation or certificate of discharge DD Form or equivalent formwhen requested by the individual.

Record of Article 15 Punishment Cy to: Remove when a later issue RIP from the same component is produced. How to Request MPerRs.

The system is designed to provide capability for equitable, responsive, uniformly administered, and cost effective management and administration of active duty military, ANG, USAFR, retired, and civilian personnel. Two-year Mail-out Reconciliation Audit.


As a result, many Air Force officers who were previously promoted or considered under the dual promotion system were provided “grandfather” protection. MPFs should exercise the option of permitting individuals to hand-carry their records unless prohibited by notes 3, 5, or 6.

Do a complete record audit when requested by a member or each time a change in servicing MPF occurs. If forms have been screened out under the prior AFIreaccomplishment is not required solely for filing purposes.

See administrative orders section of this table. You will acknowledge receipt by indorsement hereon within 3 workdays, and include any statement you wish to make in that indorsement.

July 31, — May 31, Remove when replaced by DD Form Remove on effective date of retirement or notification of disapproval. The field record group consists of the unit personnel record group, the health record group, and the personal clothing and equipment record group.

Air Reserve Announces Promotion Changes |

Notification of Intent to Individual with any attachments submitted by individual ati. It does not include dismissal as a result of trial by court-martial or dropped from the rolls of the Air Force under Title 10, U.

The RRL is automatically produced to support the record reconciliation audit program. How to Request MPerRs: Placement of the CMRGp. Place Articles 15 received after promotion to master sergeant in the NSR see paragraph 2. Refer to AFI for access to and disclosure from classified military personnel records. Prepares a DD Form for each adi being sent.


Applicants must attach a copy of the retirement order to the SF or memorandum: Members will present supporting evidence required by Table A7. Do not process the Article 15 until the decision letter is completed.


Permanent for unsuccessful attempts to recover missing records. Military personnel records are “For Official Use Only. Know your retirement options Chief Master Sgt. Obtain these documents from the prior service member. The records consist of: When rules 2 and 9 apply, then it refers to after final appellate review. The memorandum will provide the officer 3 duty days in which to submit written comments as to why the LOR should not be filed in the OSR. Individuals will review the record before it is sent to AFPC.

The name “David E. The OPR for the particular records, data items, or systems controls access. Disqualification including suspension and requalification other than flying evaluation boards for aviation service and removal from parachute jump status for medical reasons.

Use this form to replace any lost or destroyed certificate of service, or like form, issued on release from EAD in the Army.