Feedback. You can give us feedback – comments, critiques, suggestions, etc. Bug reports and feature requests are always welcome. Check out our forums and. This screenshot shows the Aegisub main window with everything open: The two most important areas are the Subtitles Grid and Edit Box. The grid shows all the. By: Karl Blomster. Kanji Timer. Description: A video tutorial demonstrating how the kanji timer can be used to synchronize kanji timing to roomaji timing. By: Niels .

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While the subtitle is displayed, it moves at constant speed such that it will arrive at pointat the same time it disappears. Some tags are “complex” and take more than one parameter. You can set the border width to 0 zero in one of the directions to entirely disable border in that direction.

Note that the lines are copied as plain text and can be copied and pasted freely between text editors, chat programs, web browsers, other instances of Aegisub etc. This is essentially the same as adding another pair of coordinates at the end of s. Has no actual effect on subtitle display but can be useful for editing purposes. The color codes are given in hexadecimal in Blue Green Red order.

Editing Subtitles

While you can enter times in the time boxes here, you will rarely need to, as it’s much faster to time lines using the audio box. Comment manuao will not be displayed on the video.

This is mostly useful for correcting subs ripped from DVDs, which frequently look something like this: Note that at high values the effect de-generates into nothingness, and generally isn’t very useful. Use the audio box to time subtitles synchronize them to audio in a fast and accurate way.

Starts invisible, fades to almost totally opaque, then fades to almost totally invisible.

Note that this does not change how times are actually stored in the script. Loading subtitles directly from Matroska files can also be done. Open Autosaved Subtitles Open a file created by Aegisub’s autosave.


Overview – Aegisub Manual

Note that the curve begins at P0, heads towards P1, then arrives at P3 coming from P2’s direction. Layer for this line. Special characters The following tags are written in the middle of the text, and not inside override blocks i.

The grid shows all the subtitle lines in the file you’re working with. Estimate times tries to guess where the split is based aegisug the length of the text on each side of the cursor. Mixing comments and override tags in the same override block is not recommended. After the line has been displayed for half a second milliseconds it begins moving towardssuch that it will arrive at the point a second and a half milliseconds after the line first appeared on screen.

To select multiple lines, hold down either Ctrl or Shift and click. In all other wrapping modes, this is replaced by a regular space. The following tags are written in the middle of the text, and not inside override blocks i.

Rotates the text along the X, Y or Z axis. Join as karaoke Does the inverse of Split by karaokei. Check this other article on Wikipedia for more information. Why then do you not speak in the Common Tongue, as is the custom in the West, if you wish to be answered? Only enabled if xegisub have video loaded. Override aegjsub always follow the same form: If “scale border and shadow” see script properties is enabled, the value is given in script resolution pixels, otherwise it is given in video resolution pixels which means the border thickness manuao vary depending on the resolution of the video on which the subtitles are rendered.

A value greater than 1 causes the animation to start slow and end fast. The following is a list of every tag supported by the Advanced Substation Alpha format.

In ASS files stored in non-Unicode encodings, this tag also affects what codepage the text following it should be interpreted in. Recombine lines Given two or more lines with the same text being partially present in all of them, creates one line per text fragment instead. In general, the same rules apply to all tags in how they look.


If you need to animate a vector drawing clip, you must create multiple similar subtitle lines with each their own “frame” of the clipping animation.

When the line appears on screen, the subtitle is atSpell checker If you right-click on a word that has been detected as misspelled, the spell checker will suggest some likely alternative.

Fade in the line in the first 1. The x1y1x2 and y2 coordinates are given in script resolution pixels and are relative to the top-left corner of the video. Shearing is performed after rotation, on the rotated coordinates. Border width cannot be negative. Between t1 and t2 the style is gradually animated between those two points, following the acceleration function described above. The style modifiers are other override tags as specified in this reference.

Set the distance from the text to position the shadow at, with X and Y position set separately. The following screenshots illustrate the way alignment affects positioning. There are a few predefined effects which can be applied via this field, but renderer support for them is spotty and using override tags is nearly always a better idea.

Aegisub doesn’t support this use and some renderers might not support it either. A simple way to undo all the changes you made to the line if you change your mind. Change the text for the subtitle and press Enter to commit the changes and go to the next line. To sort all lines in the grid, open the Subtitle menu, and under Sort Lines select the field to sort the lines on.

Supported manuall Aegisub supports ageisub the following subtitle formats: