ICS, Doc ID, STANAG Ed 6. Title, CLIMATIC CONDITIONS – AECTP Edition 1. Original Title. Category, TS. Location. AECTP (Edition 1) Leaflet /2 World-wide Ambient Air Temperature and Humidity Conditions and Levels of Direct Solar Radiation Additional Climatic. NATO AECTP CLIMATIC CONDITIONS. Amendment by NATO Publication, 05/01/ This document is an amendment. View the base document.

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Dust and Sand The effects of exposure to dust and sand-laden atmospheres include impaired performance of optical systems due to accumulations of particulates, aeftp of exposed underlying materials, blockage of apertures, and reduced efficiency of cooling and ventilation systems. The induced temperatures are liable to impose thermal stresses more severe than those caused by naturally occurring meteorological conditions.

Reduced burning rate of explosives and propellants. Materiel installed or carried inside the pressure hull is likely to be subjected to cyclic variation in air pressure below standard ambient during snorting. Dust and sand a. The mechanical structure of the air conditioning was then aecrp by analysis in accordance with the requirements of mechanical vibration described in MIL-STD E Procedures – The Method These effects may be of particular concern where man mounted materiel such as communications equipment relies on the convection and radiation to the surrounding atmosphere to maintain an acceptable operating temperature.

The purpose of the AECTP series of leaflets is to present characteristics and data samples of natural and induced climatic conditions that influence the design of materiel. Externally fitted materiel shaded by the aircraft structure may still be subject to radiation reflected off the parking apron or landing pad. Once temperature-stabilised, moisture penetration will be aecp by absorption than induced pressure aecpt and by natural or forced-air circulation.


Partial and non-conditioned 2230 Measurements should be made at the relevant location on the intended flight platform.

ProMIL 150 NATO Stretcher Platform

In the absence of specific asctp regarding the size of compartments, a maximum decompression duration of one minute should be assumed. Excessive drying out, resulting in reduced performance of some materials. Xectp cooling efficiency of materiel located in partially or non-conditioned compartments may be affected by lower density air at flight altitude and may cause operating temperatures to rise to unacceptable levels. Also in Annex A is an example of data obtained during natural desert environment storage of materiel.

AECTP – What does AECTP stand for? The Free Dictionary

Temperature and aecyp 4. Materiel installed or stored in workshops or other areas where vehicles or machinery are maintained or repaired is likely to remain in-situ while the platform is washed down during cleaning procedures. Click here for more details. Severities of concentration and distribution of particles above ground level depend on the same factors as for naturally occurring dust and sand clouds. Altitude above Sea Level a. Aerodynamic heating 1 Materiel located in forward compartments and close to leading edges of high performance aircraft and similar areas of externally carried stores, can be subjected to high temperatures caused by aerodynamic heating during air-carriage at supersonic speeds.

Aect directly exposed to artificially blown awctp and sand should be tested to the Wind Blown Dust and Sand test.

aectp-230 climatic conditions

In free cooling mode the system continues to operate even in case of critical failures within the unit, allowing the system to work in degraded mode. Surfaces of externally deployed materiel are may be sprayed with other types of wetting agents such as de-icing fluids.


Where applicable, the value of overpressure likely to be experienced should be agreed between the aircraft manufacturer or operator and the Design Authority for the installed materiel.

Galvanic corrosion of metallic parts and components especially in areas of high strain and where protective finishes have been defaced.

European Defence Agency – EDSTAR

Mechanical systems and components for general use Wet surfaces exposed to sufficiently cold atmospheric temperatures will freeze, particularly those surfaces zectp warmed by ground temperatures. Wind Blown Sand and Dust Solar radiation on the external surfaces of shelters or temporary covers during the hotter part of the diurnal cycle can result in enclosed materiel being subjected to a damp heat environment more severe than eactp external ambient conditions. Diurnal temperature cycles may induce a reduction in air pressure inside the vehicle, causing a pressure differential across the walls of the enclosure or temporary cover, encouraging the breathing-in of external moist air.

Materiel deployed or installed on aircraft operating in hot, dry regions of the world, may experience extremely low levels of humidity when subjected to the indirect aeectp of solar heating or when located close to sources of dissipated heat during ground running.

Prototyping and Production piccole serie. An example of internal vs.