I n t e rn a l Us e SAP Pa rt n e r O n l y I n t er n al U s e S A P P ar t n er O nl y SAP AG AC Cost Management and Controlling. The reason for combining CO and FI basic training is that both SAP (Cost Object Controlling for Products); AC (Cost Object Controlling for Sales Orders ). AC (Cost Object Controlling for Sales Orders) covers Cost Object Controlling in SAP R/3 in make-to-order environments with and without a valuated sales.

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Assignment to the DIP profile is performed in the service a5c15 header or in the sales order item. If the product is available availability check How the product will be supplied: Managerial and Financial Accounting II. The work center category WkCtr on prod. Enter a partial confirmation for the production wc515 for T-F1.

In the following characteristic valuation, valuate the material characteristics as follows: The use of internal transfer prices enables analysis of profit center value-added, while group costing enables consolidated results to be reported in Profitability Analysis. In the following exercise, you will check that the entries for the repetitive manufacturing process are correct.

Using sales queries provide data that can have great value for you later, particularly when: We need your help to maintenance this website. In this manner, all actual costs from the production order are settled to the sales order item. Activities and processes which av515 been posted directly to the respective cost objects can be revaluated with actual activity prices.

Sales Order Item Cost elements Rule of thumb: Convert this planned order to a production order. Select Accounting documents Accounting documents were created for the goods issue. Summary You understand the process chain of a standard order in customer order management.

The billing document serves as a source to Financial Accounting FI to help you in the monitoring and management of customer payment. The material for the Solution Academy courses comes mostly from customer courses, but also includes topics of interest to SAP consultants. Consequently, variance calculation requires information whether the valuation is based on a sales order cost estimate, production order cost estimate, or standard cost estimate for the material.


The settlement rule for the production orders will automatically assign the sales order as the receiver. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. While production areas often display great progress in controlling costs and optimizing processes, overhead continues to display little cost transparency.

Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Aggregation depends on the settings in the dynamic item processor profile. When product cost estimates are post processed with unit costing, the system does not save a cost component split.

Goods Issue Display Enter the material document number. You can use indicators, to post debits, credits fix and variable cost and calculation motive costs and revenues to different accounts because of using different categories in the update of WIP and different value fields for reporting – especially in CO-PA. Reserves for Unrealized Costs: If you have any questions about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them. AC Menu path: You define in Customizing what cost elements are updated.

For existing cost estimates, you can refer to these and copy the relevant items into the unit cost estimate. It makes sense to use the standard value key SAP3 Production line planning in the work center.

SAP Training Curriculum

For unvaluated sales stock, you use results analysis to calculate the value of the sales order inventory at the end of a period. Header Settlement rule Settlement rule: Product costing valuates this quantity structure with the following information: Once you have done this, you can assign these costing keys to a product or material type. A cost component split has been stored for sales order costing using the product costing method but it is not available for the preliminary costing estimate of a production order because the system only creates a cost component split dynamically for the production order display.


This is the same concept as WIP calculation. You make no entry in the Consumption posting field if you are using a valuated sales order stock and do not want to flag the sales order item item in an inquiry, quotation, or sales order as carrying costs and revenues. The results of this target cost version can be settled to Profitability Analysis. With the sales order as a cost object, the only actuals that post to the sales order are for the sales order delivery and invoice.

The values from these cost components are then added together in the value field. The goods issue is for the semi finished and raw materials to the finished goods.

mySAP ERP Financials – Controlling

Schedule lines contain the following information: Very flexible production environment Lot Lot High set-up costs Work center 2 Full cost tracability needed Lot Controlling by individual production lots needed Work center 1 Work center 3 Example: Purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and funds in the sales order stock will result in a commitment value recorded to the sales order item. This includes cost estimates both with and without quantity structures.

To display the invoice: Variance calculation compares the confirmed actual values with the target values.

Sort You can have the lines sorted in ascending or descending order according to column value. This method is not suitable for milestone billing because wap billings result in final cancellation of the capitalized costs. In the views Costing and Financial accountingyou define the price of the material and the price control to be used standard price, moving average price to valuate the material in backflushing.