PREFACE. ANGUS BETHUNE. “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” is the one story in this collection that does not include a character from any of my. In “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” and “The Scarlet Ibis,” the conflict of the story shows that people can change considerably as a result of a. And since History tends to draw its parallel upon fictional tales of valor, it is stories such as “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” and “One Friday.

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In this short rbief, the protagonist character Angus Bethune wrestles with the image of normality in comparison to his abnormal life. A story about an over weight boy in junior high with not only one gay parent, but two.

I feel as if I did not relate as well. Download angsu chrome extension. The story is about a boy named Angus Bethune, an overweight teenager that happens to have two sets of parents which are homosexual. He always has been.

GHS “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune”

In the end he left with his dream girl who wasn’t so perfect herself. The theme is a familiar idea and can be related to people of all ages that have experienced a variety of situations.

He is growing up and entering an awkward age, and worst part of it is, he is being bullied for all his differences. In the descriptions and different dialogue found in this story, the author creates the omment of the importance of image versus the reality of particular circumstances.


Angus is the victim of bullying simply because of his looks and his family.

Short Story Review for A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune

This story was an easy read and created a familiar atmosphere that is relevant to most students. Bullying is yet another issue that appears in this text. I highly recommend it. In keeping with the theme of normality versus self-acceptance, Crutcher shows that the standards of physical attractiveness harm everyone, even “normal” people. His parents divorced and both married the same sex. He has a strong home life despite the obvious differences of other kids in his school. I did not like seeing the world that way.

I did not like the harsh, blunt attack that Angus put on himself. This just adds to his image since he is already known for having parents of the same sex. The story is about a boy named Angus who is large and has two sets of homosexual parents.

Since Angus does not know how to dance well, his greatest fear of the night is the dance with Melissa who is also Senior Winter Ball Queen, but to his surprise, it turns out better than he could imagine. However, she reveals to Angus that, wngus him, she has a poor self-image and suffers from bulimia.

The main issue of this work is the bullying that Angus indures. Also, the physical appearance plays a role in how his peers view him. Jan 30,4: Crutcher, before he became a writer, directed an alternative school for inner-city kids in Oakland, California, and later became a family therapist.

Jan 30,9: Hopefully this story would show teenagers that it’s ok to be different and not fit in with the so called “in crowd”. Angus is aware of the stigma, but he loves his parents and recognizes how much happier they are with their new partners. Angus wasn’t part of the “it crowd”.


I thought this story was funny and interesting. The realization is not everyone is a bully. Bullying is not a small part of the schools in fact there are many different kinds of bulying today and the students have many more terrors to deal with. The prom has approached and he has been choosen as the prom king as a cruel prank by one of the more popular kids. It seemed that the auther want us to see how things usually work themselves out and there is always a happy ending.

Crutcher did an amazing job, when writing this story, or keeping in mind who would be reading it.

A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune by tanvi Shroff on Prezi

You’ll have to read the story yourself to find out about the other lige things that I mentioned Angus hhe a very unique life. His biggest fear is not the humiliation ofr the prom but having to dance with a girl that he has been in love with all of his life. Melissa is the most beautiful girl in school, the girl of Angus’s dreams “and only my dreams” he says. He showed up at the ball instead of backing out and looking like a coward.