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Some MEPs have and will raise this issue with the Commission but the power balance between these 2 institutions does not make it straightforward.

The revolving doors spin again | Corporate Europe Observatory

Comments I am a university lecturer and teach among other subjects, Industrial Economics, including topics like, “Regulation”, “Moral Hazards”, “Incentives” etc.

More information about the session can be found sorlar. Next term I will have this course JanuaryI will encourage my students most of them are Erasmus Exchange students to study carefully this rapport, to find out that the modern theory of “capture” fits very well.

This report is jointly published with LobbyControl. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Gender equality in Education. Does the committee meet in person? Agriculture; Fisheries; Industrial releases; Marine litter and noise; Marine protected areas; Maritime spatial planning; Pharmaceuticals; Response to spills; Shipping; Species and habitats.

Despite being an MEP she retains her ethical obligations as a former commissioner.


The revolving doors spin again

Please enable scripts and reload this zmlerii. Former commissioners, who collectively had just been handling the fall-out from the financial and economic crises, joined the boards of insurance giant Munich Re, bank BNP Paribas, and mortgage and life insurance company Credimo, to name just a few.

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If this had been in place, in our view, at least eight authorised roles by Barroso II commissioners would have been rejected: We contacted Karel de Gucht prior to publishing this report; no response was received.

Twice Damanaki was asked to provide further information about her precise role at TNC and the nature of its activities in Europe. Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development. Introduction The tight-knit world of politicians, civil servants, industrialists, and lobbyists known as the ‘Brussels bubble’ lends itself to unhealthily close relationships between regulators and the regulated.

The Nature Conservancy publicly announced its recruitment of Damanaki one month before the role was authorised by the Commission, something which the rules should clearly ev. View the final EDD Programme. There have been 3 withdrawn requests v, 2 by Androulla Vassiliou and 1 by Connie Hedegaard.

Skip to main content. This role should not have been authorised so soon after Reding left the Commission. These activities have nothing to do with my role as advisor to Mr.

For any questions related to EDD, please contact community eudevdays. I have never lobbied for Nortal in European institutions.

Furthermore, Kroes was a European commissioner during the entire span of the financial crisis; we question whether it is appropriate for her to join a major bank with European interests, in any capacity, so soon after leaving the Commission. Most notoriously, Charlie McCreevy who had been the Commissioner for the Internal Market joined the derivatives trading unit of global investments company BNY Mellon, the board of Ryanair, and the board of Sentenial which offers payment technology to banks.


In particular, there appears to have been little reflection on the fact that as reported by The Guardian last year: Moves which have been notified to the Commission but which do not need formal authorisation under the current rules ie public office should also be included.

View all the EDD moments View. Individually and collectively they are responsible for initiating and negotiating laws and regulations affecting million citizens. It is very presumptuous to pre-announce the recruitment of a former commissioner before the Commission has given its formal authorisation.

Kroes originally joined the Commission in amidst claims of possible conflicts of interest relating to her zmlefi 25 corporate roles. Best regards Christos P.

The Commission never clarified this. There have been a total of 26 departing Barroso II commissioners with a total of post-Commission roles between them. If there is any likelihood that a new role could involve lobbying, the role should be rejected altogether, rather than restrictions being placed on the lobbying component. Four commissioners sought authorisation for this role: