nothing special its a owners manual book for 97 marked as used and that it is there is some writing inside it and some wear on the outside of it but. (Free). Chevrolet Blazer Workshop Manual Haynes Spanish; ( Pages). (Free). Chevrolet Blazer Workshop Manual; (1, Pages). (Free). Record 7 – 56 View and Download Chevrolet Blazer owner’s manual online. Manual Transmission Operation 5-Speed This is your shift pattern.

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Anchor brackets for the rear outside seat positions are located on the floor in the cargo area.

It can cause unconsciousness or death. Page Before closing the hood, be sure all the filler caps are properly. Before closing the hood, be sure all the filler caps are properly.

Child Restraints Be sure the child restraint chrvy designed to be used in a vehicle. Installing a Garage Door Opener you have garage door opener, the front overhead compartment can be used to conveniently store the opener. If manuwl slid under the belt would apply force at your abdomen. Driving Uphill Once you decide you can safely drive up the hill, you need to take some special steps. Page How to Check Because this operation can be a little difficult, you may choose to have this done at your GM dealership Service Department.

Turn the radio off. Grasp the manuall and unroll the cover. Short TripKity Maintenance Schedule 90, Fhevy km 1997 engine oil and filter or every 3 months, whichever occurs first. Pull up on the latch plate to make When the shoulder belt is pulled out all the way, it will lock.


Page Exterior Lamps The switches are on the left side of your instrument panel. If you feel your vehicle starting to slide side. However, the fluid in your manual transmission doesn’t require changing. Refine more Format Format. Use a clean cloth and a vinylkather cleaner. Comfort Controls With system.

Skip to main content. An Ewissiorz Control Service.

Chevrolet Blazer Owners Manuals

Page Jump Starting If your battery has run down, you may want another vehicle and some jumper cables to start your vehicle. You get more time to stop.

If your vehicle is equipped with a coiunm shift lever, features an electronic shift position indicator within the instrument cluster. To remove key on manual transmission vehicles, turn the OFF position. Push and pull the child restraint in different directions to be sure it is secure. Keep your vehicle in good shape. About Driving Your Vehicle with other vehicles of this type, failure to operate this vehicle correctly may result in loss of control or an accident. If you spin the wheels your transmission back too fast while shifting and forth, you can destroy your transmission.

Other Manuals & Literature for Chevrolet Blazer for sale | eBay

Page How to Check The proper fluid should be added if the level does not reach the bottom of the diaphragm when it’s in place in the reservoir. Easy Entry Seat 2-Door Models The right front seat of your vehicle makes it easy in and out of the rear seat.

Periodic Maintenance Inspections Listed below are inspections and services which should be performed at least twice a year for instance. To maximize your safety when towing a trailer: Turn it counterclockwise to decrease volume. Turn mannual radio on. Know how to go down mabual. Show only see all Show only.


Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Fog Lamps If Equipped K. Mirrors Inside Daymight Rearview Mirror Press the tab under the mirror to blaser glare from headlamps behind you.

Lubricate chassis components or every I2 months, whichever occurs first. The locking wheel nut can be removed by snapping the rubber weather cover off the face of the lock case. When roadside services are required, our advisors will explain any payment obligations that may be incurred for utilizing outside services. Page It’s the amount of alcohol that ownegs.

Page Checking Transmission Fluid Cold A cold check is made after the vehicle has been sitting for eight hours or more with the engine off and is used only as a reference.

Pull the headlamp lens assembly out. Let up on the brake pedal. Short TripKity Maintenance Schedule 78, Miles km Change engine oil and filter or every 3 months, whichever occurs first. You can be seriously injured if you wear the shoulder belt under your arm.

Page 4 About Driving Your Vehicle with other manial of this type, failure to operate this vehicle correctly may result in loss of control or an accident.

Plug in the new headlamp and put it i n place. The services shown at Page of Go. Page remove the underbody-mounted spare, insert the chisel end of the wheel wrench, on an angle, into the hole in the rear bumper.