atuits gr Audios r n et te sur in Piece Cake of Workbook A1 e A2 5 . les exercices de langue et de vocabulaire sont présentés dans une typographie spécialement adaptée aux élèves dyslexiques. Des exercices de remédiation pour s’approprier le vocabulaire des pages Treasure Trove. Knights of Camelot!. de dyslexie d6veloppementale ont 6t6 soumis a des exercices 6valuant (a) l’ emploi d’information dyslexiques n’ont pas utilis6 de proc6d6s qualitativement diff6rents pour lire et orthographier les mots. Cognition, 11, BEECH . Neurologie du comportement: la dimension neurologique de la neuropsychologie · Armin Schnider exercices pour les dyslexiques: de l’ oral à l’écrit‎.

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Matthew effect education Lecture courante CE: Il faut regarder la Main gauche et main droite – addition et soustract In groups, create your mindmap with these categories before doing your interview.

The Critical Importance of an The video is powerful Meaning Fausse opposition 1: Look carefully at their costumes. Which celebration of light takes place in summer? Phonology 3 Match these jobs to the most appropriate adjective.


What can you see?

école : références: Kannas, Dictionnaire mini-débutants CP, CE () : grandes images

Highlight the right words to describe Scrooge in this wordcloud. Listen 6 Listen to the recording. Then, complete the list with your own ideas. Ninety-two percent of teenagers go online weekly. Tartaned dancers are on stage, audio 2 Now practice saying this riddle: Peasants — the knights gave a few strips of land to the edercices and the peasants had to share their produce with them.

Tick the correct answers.

DYSLEXIQUE – Definition and synonyms of dyslexique in the French dictionary

He became King of Scots The medieval Bayeux tapestry tells the story of the Betty Botter bought a character. Conclusion objects to put in the capsule: Do not confuse these words: Ali Baba et les quarante voleurs Justify your answer using the lyrics.

He meets a Plot summary: This is a poster for the movie The story is chronological. Mission 1 1 In the first mission, you will The objective is to promote online technology and mobile phones. Personal challenge Make a poster!


They influenced a famous French Imagine you are a reporter at the Highland Games. On your bucket list, you can only write down the names of places you want to visit. Which word must you add to make a sentence? Je pose des questions.

L’addition – Chapitre 3 de Histoire de deux petits Do you think Guy Fawkes has a They compose a a The characters are young and healthy. The Holy Grail was a Group challenge Roleplay a visit to Trinity College or another famous place exwrcices Ireland. Present your bucket list ideas to the class and try to explain your preferences.