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Mci Course List

Designed for use by Marines in the grades Pvt-GySgt who are assigned to the 03 occupational field. Discusses non-logic and transistor logic circuits.

To receive college credit for a MCI course. When a student enrolls in 033a program. Additional information can be found on the CCE Web site at www. Covers the welding process.

It allows the student to review course descriptions, enroll in a course, check course completions, print unofficial transcripts, and verify student records. To receive college credit for a MCI course. Students can submit a written request to MCI. This handbook is applicable to any Marine in a command position to include personnel in the chain of command team.

Diposting oleh cuk cuk di Testing consists of the Course Administrator guiding and evaluating the student through a series of practical application performance tests.

This course will reinforce your knowledge of landmine operations and procedures acquired through formal training. Describes construction procedures to include splices.


Marines may also enroll in distance education courses and programs offered by the Army, Navy, Air Force, and jci U. Designed for Cpl-Sgt in the 35 occupational field.

Any Marine whose current duties require them to operate and maintain a TRHS specifically Marines assigned to field mess billets.

Mci Course List – [PDF Document]

This course covers basic spelling rules, nci words most frequently misspelled. It 0338z the programming frequencies for training net and frequency management training opertion. This handbook is a reference for enlisted aides in the MOS In addition to monitor survey operations, this course provides detailed instruction in chemical contamination predictions NBC 1 to NBC 4 reports and other battalion mmci center operations.

This expedites the MCI request 033a by having courses on hand before students arrive for their formal MOS training. As part of the requirements for accreditation. M Harlem Drive Bldg. Covers forward observer procedures. Designed to benefit Cpl-GySgt in the occupation field. Once a Marine completes an examination through the ROLE, it takes 15 seconds for the Marine to view his or her results. Designed for Marines in MOSs or Information contained in this paper-based publication is also available on MCI’s home page at http: This handbook provides a review of basic land navigation skills, including map reading, Lensatic compass use, resection, intersection, night navigation, and navigating by natural means.


This job aid will assist Marines that are attached to an engineer unit on how to read construction prints.

None Provides basic maintenance and operations for engineers. If the Marine fails a second time. Pvt-Sgt Marines in the The student must be filling a MT maintenance billet or working on-the-job training OJT at a maintenance shop awaiting orders to school.

Discusses the principles of transmission and physical and mfi security. This course covers basic spelling rules.

Mci Course List – dc power training courses PDF |

Emphasizes the responsibilities of the command, enemy electronic threat, and the means for countering the enemy threat. These job aids and handbooks may be quickly downloaded. This handbook is designed as a nci reference for the AAV crewman while conducting field operations. When a student enrolls in the program, the text and examination packages for each course are mailed directly to the student.