permita o integral cumprimento da lei vigente em cada Estado-Membro? H, ya comentado anteriormente, y el denominado como «Graus». to written questions E/12, E/12, E/12, E/ 30 jun. Com a introdução da Lei nº /, o benefício da subvenção para Companhia e que não tenham sido identificados ou comentados. 7 abr. Lei n.º , de 28 de dezembro de , e alterações posteriores. Lei das Sociedades por Conforme comentado na Nota Explicativa nº.

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It therefore recommended introducing a control system to ensure that only moulting feathers are gathered from live geese. The European Parliament participated in the work of the two meetings in during which fomentada Roundtable carried out an assessment of key challenges and factors affecting the competitiveness of the sector.

New technology has thus significantly reduced both health and privacy concerns. Executiva ; fernandoresende gmail. According to Commission figures, investment in Portugal is now at the level it was in the mids. Implementing rules on flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements.

Many EU airports have introduced full body scanners into their airport security regime. Welche weiteren Schritte plant die Kommission, um sicherzustellen, dass die Situation sich endlich verbessert — insbesondere in Ungarn und Polen? The Commission already consulted stakeholders in an extensive public consultation at the end of Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Com tiragem de 1. There are a number of structural transformations taking place in the European Union’s automotive industry, mainly as a result of the present macroeconomic conditions, most of which are related to structural overcapacity.

What are the boundaries of such interventions and controls, if any, with a view to avoiding undermining the independence, authority and powers granted to the NRAs by the European Union itself?

Concerning the heads of important public organisations, the Greek Authorities have committed to appoint as Secretary General of the revenue administration a person with senior management experience, expertise in tax matters, and an impeccable reputation.

The Visa Information System VIS will support the work of consulates to ensure that the application process is not abused. Welche Daten werden in Bezug auf die verwendeten Verfahren und die Kontrollen erhoben? The Commission is continuously monitoring the Portuguese economy in the context of the Commission services’ forecast exercises and the quarterly reviews carried out under the Economic Adjustment Programme for Portugal.

In this broader package, in addition to the countries with targets under the Kyoto Protocol, a further sixty developed and developing countries, including the United States, Canada, China, India and Brazil, have committed to pledges for mitigation action in the period up to under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.


Call for the Commission to protect designations of origin for camembert. Network Wizards — Jan. Such events have unfortunately become common.

Although its exports in totalled a record In Europe, at least five or eight plants will become superfluous, which in times of crisis will impose an excessive financial burden on manufacturers. Furthermore, the use of reduced rates is often not the most suitable instrument for pursuing policy objectives, particularly for ensuring financial redistribution to poor households or encouraging the consumption of socially desirable products.

The Member States, taking account of local pedo-climatic conditions, forestry species and the need to ensure agricultural use of the land, shall determine the maximum number of trees that are grown in combination with agriculture on the same land. A request for information to the UK competent authority on the application of the organic production control system will be sent by the Commission.

A discussion took place during the whole year of on the regulation of vine plantings in the European Union in the context of a High Level Group HLG.

Good practices for tackling the school drop-out rate. EU financing contributed to ensure that by the eCall system will be deployed by the industry and implemented in all Member States. The Commission should monitor toxic substances found in Chinese teas. The creation of new premises dedicated to the Delegation will take time as the site put at the disposal of the EEAS by the Iraqi Government has to be completely renovated.

Entendemos aprendizagem enquanto processo que se inicia no nascimento do ser e deixa de prosseguir com a sua morte. Moreover, a recent reprogramming of the Structural Funds was approved at the end of with the aim of alleviating the adverse effects of the ongoing adjustment process in the Portuguese economy. Site da editora PINi Prisma: Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The Member States would be able to focus on one type of material assistance or to combine them, depending on the national circumstances and choices.

Implications of changes to MOT testing. EASA opinion on flight time limitations for pilots and cabin crew. The indicator has fallen compared to These pillars include actions aimed at the promotion of investment in advanced technologies and innovation for clean vehicles; improving market conditions; supporting industry in accessing the global market; and promoting investment in skills and training.


Il programma Toscana per il cofinanziato dal Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale FESRpotrebbe eventualmente finanziare il progetto menzionato dall’onorevole deputata nel contesto dell’asse V Valorizzazione delle risorse endogene per lo sviluppo territoriale sostenibile.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Funding for the development of selective fishing methods and initiatives geared at by-catch reduction and elimination of discards including testing of such devices under pilot projects is eligible under the European Fisheries Fund EFF. Publicatieblad van de Europese Unie, CE21 november The Commission actively works to encourage the merit-based selection of the heads of major public organisations comentaea Greece.

Clarification of the copyright situation regarding the survey initiated by the Commission on the structure of the cultural and creative sectors in Europe. Can comentadaa Commission advise me as to why, when Parliament insisted in that EU rules on flight time limitations FTL could only be set at a minimum level, allowing Comentqda States to maintain or adopt stricter safety standards if they so wished, this will no longer be possible under the new EU rules?

At another match the previous week, the father of a young year-old player attacked another referee, who was then hospitalised.

This lwi will be key to ensure the responsiveness of the instrument to the local needs, hence maximising its effectiveness.


Informazioni sulle misure per combattere la disoccupazione giovanile. Matriz BCG modificada por fluxo de caixa Deze vragen en antwoorden worden overeenkomstig artikelen en van het Reglement van het Europees Parlement gepubliceerd.

The request has been positively received by the Ecofin Council and the European Commission is currently assessing the available options from the perspective of the legal and operational feasibility.

The figures point to a new trend that could affect businesses worldwide. With regard to the enforcement and as a preliminary step, the Commission intends to establish an ad hoc informal cooperation among Member States to share information and coordinate actions. All the supported actions comenatda commitments must be voluntary and be set beyond such reference level. The steel industry provides around jobs and is a crucial economic sector for the European Union.