LEGO set database: Electric Passenger Train Set. Lego Electric Passenger Train Set Year Released: ‘. New Sealed Set. We will reply within 24 hour, if not sooner! Not responsible for Custom Delays. Find great deals for Vintage Lego 12 V Electric Passenger Train – Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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If you move both of them one stud forward so that the back of the seat lines up with the edge of the windowit’ll solve the problem, and still leave space for a figs to be seated in the other chairs.

Posted September 21, edited. With the light assembly it really won’t matter, play-wise, or if you don’t have any decouplers, but it’s still a bit of a bummer.

Electric Passenger Train Set – Brickipedia, the LEGO Wiki

Driven by a skeleton. Here the ‘proof’ that it is an electric train. This was gathering dust in my brothers’ room. I’ve build 4 trains of it and sold 2 of them. Thanks for this wonderful review!

BrickLink – Set : Lego Electric Passenger Train [TrainV] – BrickLink Reference Catalog

As you can see it doesn’t occur at the back of the 12V era train instructions although its larger brother the does. A nice old classic, the driver has a nice hat and torso, and the train is well designed, except for that thing on the roof.

As you can see, some vandal must have nocked over this one. Actually I got my first series back in 5th of December, I was 2,5 years old just a week before my brother was born.


Lego Trains 7725 Electric Passenger Train 12v Locomotive

Before I started to with bricklink, I started to build this train in blue. As it turns out, the lights are there also in the instructions.

LEGO just release a whole line of trains at the same time. It brings back a lot childhood memories seeing this review. Some investigation learned that all the sets at the back of the instructions date from so the wasn’t released yet.

I just discussed with my parents and they told be LEGO had those sets longer in store back then. I must have gotten the somewhere in or even although it was released in I hope you have enjoyed this review and got tears in your eyes seeing how nice the 12V era was Posted September 8, Maybe we will give the train again it’s original signs and put custom LEDs in it or so so that the train can drive into two directions with accurately working lights.

This early morning train seems to have one passenger: Still one for sale. A closeup of the last car with steering stand to allow the train to travel back and forth without having to ‘make head’, in other words: I started of with the push along train and then upgraded the tracks with current rails when I got the I fixed the images, but indeed, the topic is quite old already.

Edited September 12, by JopieK. Oh, and I can’t help but think that the chairs in the middle carriage are somewhat oddly placed, because those placed next to the door are unusable because the door takes up room needed for figs’ arms. Posted September 7, edited. The train, shunted to an end track so it can be cleaned I think it is apparent that it definitely needs cleaning very badly. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I have some decouplers but we don’t use them because they are not really that reliable.


They give this care a nice look. The images aren’t working. I recently learned that only the last car or coach of a train has it’s red lights on. Hope they leave the cables alone. The is still a goodlooking train and the only one with short wagons in a electric version. Here you can take a look at the inside of the engine car.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Instructions for 7725-1 – Electric Passenger Train

So unless the train drives with only the front car it will never use those red backlights. As you can see, our version of the train has a different front than the one in the instructions. Here you see the side of the train, just after the train has left Brickingham Station where the worker, probably from set Highway Repair that was also released in That’s not the one I was thinking of, it was the other two chairs towards the middle of the wagon that I was thinking of.

I like the original lights but didn’t notice that the train had those double lights until I did the review. Posted September 21,