Allied with Cronus, the embodiment of all evil, Medea has raised an army of the undead to invade her family’s kingdom. Now in paperback, the thrilling. With her murderous daughter, Medea, banished to the spirit world, Queen Thirrin’s tiny kingdom of Icemark has enjoyed a time of peace. But her consort, Oskan. Buy Last Battle of the Icemark (Icemark Chronicles) 1 by Stuart Hill (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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The Last Battle of the Icemark

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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Laet to Book Page. With her murderous daughter, Medea, banished to the spirit world, Queen Thirrin’s tiny kingdom of Icemark has enjoyed peace. But Medea ov out for revenge. Mass Market Paperbackpages. The Icemark Chronicles 3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Last Battle of the Icemarkplease sign up. Is this the last book?

The Last Battle of the Icemark by Stuart Hill

See 1 question about The Last Battle of the Icemark…. Lists with This Book. May 20, S. Dixon, DTR rated it it was amazing. I usually don’t comment about a book until after I’m done reading it. Before I started this book I kept wondering what was it going to be about.

I thought, the general and his crazy sons are dead, so who will they fight in the last battle. Then I mistakeningly laet the note from the gattle about how this book will reveal the dimension behind the family conflict, and right away I knew MEDEA was back. Immediately my heart started to race and I dove into the pages. I am only up to page 19 lawt th I usually don’t comment about a book until after I’m done reading it.

I am only up to page 19 and this chapter is bring and old friend from a great book to memory. Oskan, for now is Mack and the Mother of All is Papa. Oskan has fell into one of his trance and was led by lasf beautiful messenger to witness the separation between the goddess and the evil one Cronus. When Cronus, stood judgement before the goddess for the evil that tye been done, Mother of All did not condemn him, but instead offered forgiveness and the opportunity to be reunited into the perfection of unity.

The evil one, who was filled with hatred, defied the Mother of All, and swore to become victorious one day, even after having his army destroyed. Once Oskan awoke icemxrk his trance he didn’t know what his role was in this situation I feel that his icemaro Medea is hattle to be a vital instrument in this evil plan to win the battle against the Mother of All.

The messenger informed him that his duty was to stop the evil one and his army. Oskan will receive a weapon from the goddess that will help him defeat the enemy, but it does not contain a physical form, it is not a blade nor gun,fire nor explosion, the user of the weapon will icsmark asked to offer up an unspeakable sacrifice. At this point Oskan is baffled. How is he going to beat this army? The Mother of All in her rightousness can not destroy the army because she Papa who baattle creator of all only offers forgiveness and reconciliation.


I believe Oskan Mack is going to have to overcome his own personal stuggles, and give of himself what he thought he wasn’t capable of giving. One of the fruits of the Spirit Mack was asked by Papa to offer Missy murderer forgiveness. This is just my personal insight of this story og far. I can’t wait to find out how it all turns out. So, bye for now! I finished the book. It was Awesome and I was right. This book was intense with so many battles going on.

Erinor, the new Basilea in town is crazier than Scipio. When she was eight years old she sacrifices her pet because she believes this will make ivemark goddes happy. So to ensure she wins the war against Queen Thirrin she sacrifices battoe animals, her tri-horn, and while she’s at it, why not throw a husband in the mix.

Then you have Medea the second or is it bwttle third most powerful Adept, trying to take over the phyiscal world and the spiritual realm with her evil grandfather,Cronus. I love when the Vampire Queen calls her a brat having a tantrum.

I was so happy when the Vampire King came back to get the queen with their children that was made from their dreams and wishes. Much love to Oskan who is my hero. Each time he fought Medea he did it as a loving father. At one point I just wanted him to take her out. Forget about taking away her powers, she needs to go! Instead he is obedient to the commands of the Mother of All, who tells him how to deal with Medea.

Which leaves him not feeling guilty about the whole situation. Didn’t you just love Cressida and Leonidas, he was a nervous wreck and she was determined.

It was so embarrassing when the werewolves and housecarls would make their little innuendoes at their expense. So I was thrilled when she asked and he said umm.

Even though the battles were won, My heart aches for Queen Thirrin. She might have gained jcemark son in-law, an alliance with the polypontians, and an Emperor who needs a mother, but none of that can replace her Oskan, who she will never see again until the last hair on her head becomes the silver of moonlight. As Oskan watches the Wedding reception with a crown of silver light upon his head, I am elated that he is among his family, but I’m sad that the story is over.

Sep 03, Erah rated it really liked it. The Icemark Chronicles always thrill thhe, and getting the chance to read this book made me so excited. Once I began, however, it took a while to get into the story.

I was eager for more of baftle series’ trademark battle scenes and drama, but the first chunk of iicemark book held only the slightest hints of those elements. I admit that I was slightly preoccupied while I read this, so blaming the slow pace on the book may not be entirely fair. One element that delighted me right away was the number of scenes from Kirimin’s point of view. Between her pranks and adventurous nature she is such a fun character, and I was so happy she got a bigger role in this book.


As baftle Stuart Hill’s thorough descriptions of both character and landscape were eerie and vivid, and despite my impatience it was wonderful to step back into the fierce world of the Icemark. This book holds an even wider range of fantastic creatures than those before it, and all my favourite furry or fanged monarchs were back although some of them seem to have become rather laid back in their older age, judging by their ability lst think of nothing but sandwiches and beer.

I wish I approached this book as a hefty destrier rather than a sprinting horse, and allowed it the time necessary to build up speed for its impressive charge. It certainly delivered everything I wanted in the end, with all the military brilliance and action of the previous books, as well as reunions and partings that made it difficult to keep the pages dry.

Crowning a series like this is quite a feat, but the Last Battle of the Icemark does so perfectly and when I came to the last line it took quite an effort not to wipe my eyes and leap up yelling, “Blood! Sep 11, Jennifer rated ot liked it Shelves: The Cry of the Icemark was OK. It took me a while to really get into it enough to not be annoyed.

I did like some of the characters quite well llast the concept wasn’t too bad. The dialogue was bxttle stilted and awkward sometimes though. The heroine, Thirrin, becomes queen at 14, after the death of her father. She immediately has to go to war to defend her country from the evil Roman-ish Polypontian Empire to the south.

Blade of Fire was absolutely my favorite of the three. The youngest son of Thirrin is sent ifemark the Desert People to try and gain allies for his thee in their war against the Polypontian Empire.

This book seemed the most natural to me and was pretty fun to read. The Last Battle of the Icemark contained no real surprises.

Enemies become unlikely allies to defeat a common foe. Characters I liked die in battle and peace is achieved in the end. Overall, not a bad series, but not great either.

Jun 17, Ketandu rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A wonderfully fantastic conclusion to the amazing series! It’s a shame who had to die for their og, however Cressida and Leonidas were ridiculously adorable!

Nov 24, MrJ rated it liked it. A final battle to end the misery that lastt over whelms the Icemark.

This book although entertaining feel a bit short compared to the other two. Starting with a bit of a slow start and what felt like a rushed ending. That’s not to say the story it self was not awful, it just did not feel as “evil” as I suspected it to be.

Here we have Cornus and Media two powerful adepts. All they really manage to do is amass an army of ice demons that get decimated in 1 whole chapter towards the end.