Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with The Vatican & the Holocaust: A Question of Judgment – Pius XII & the Jews To the Sacred College of Cardinals Pius XII wrote on June 2, “Every word that The name was created from the first letter of the German name Geheime Staats Polizei. Israel’s Apostasy and Restoration: Essays in Honor of Roland K. Harrison, ed. by. Avraham Gileadi. . d’angdlologie a propos de Testament de Juda 25,2,’ by Andre Caquot (pp. );. “Lutilisation des .. () ; “The Upside- Down Tree on the Vatican Hill” (pp. ) = . ); “Het ‘geheime Markus evangelie’. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the former head of the Holy See’s bank compiled a secret dossier of compromising information about the Vatican.

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Nonetheless, the question that has been raised has enormous significance; and it demands examination.

Greenstein said in a recent interview, “I still remember quite vividly the glow in his eyes. Father Weber shortly had a well-run organization working for the protection and help of refugees in every imaginable direction.

God wills it and the Church wills it. Quite obviously, Russia refuses to share the Israeli perceptions of Hezbollah as a terrorist group. The follow-up work, The Pope and Mussolini: Lichten was a long-time proponent of mutual understanding and cooperation between the Catholic and Jewish communities in the United States and Europe.

In these harsh times our thoughts turn more than ever with respectful gratitude to what has been accomplished by the Sovereign Pontiff on behalf of Jews in general and by Your Excellency on behalf of the Jews of Romania and Transnistria.

A Question of Judgment – Pius XII & the Jews

Society for Italian Historical Studies. Note 48 Catholic News, July 11,sec. These duties and these rights come from God. Note 19 Quoted in Cavalli, op. The encyclical read in part: Let some men say what they will, Pius XII’s reputation as a true Vicar of Christ, as one who tried, so far as he could, fully and courageously to carry out the mission entrusted to him, will not be affected. The action on the part of the Nunciature and the bishops will continue as long as necessary Note 31 Quoted in Friedman, op.


Retrieved April 7, In Belgium, the Catholics of Liege observed February 28,as a day of prayer for the persecuted Jews throughout Europe. In case of doubt, the final decision rested in the hands of that impartial arbiter, Father Marie- Benoit. Pope sues German magazine over Vatileaks cover.

Raphael Verein and who kindly gave me material from their own records, were very large. Von Ribbentropgranted a formal audience on March 11,went into a lengthy harangue on the invincibility of the Third Reich, the inevitability of a Nazi victory, and the futility of papal alignment with the enemies of the Fuhrer. American Academy in Rome. The supreme ecclesiastical authorities and all those priests who suffered for us in imprisonment and in concentration camps have our eternal gratitude.

Note 27 Document No. Note 58 Tablet BrooklynMarch 21, He is the Paul Dupee, Jr. The Pope agreed heartily with Father Marie-Benoit’s plan, and helped him obtain pledges of support from Britain and the United States as well as from Jewish organization sources in the Allied countries.

Others besides Pius XII had to face a similar agonizing dilemma. The judgments used to define these nebulous value words vary according to the judge’s own culture, standards, faith or lack of it, and other equally subtle abstractions; Terence said it succinctly in Phormio II, 4, Note 38 See, among many other sources, ibid. World-renowned pianist says he is ‘ashamed to be an Israeli’ following passing of legislation.

Note 47 See, ibid. The secret dossier allegedly compiled by Mr Gotti Tedeschi was discovered by Carabinieri police after they raided his home and office in Milan and Piacenza, both in northern Italy, on Tuesday.

Two, stemming from the above, Moscow assesses that any major upgrade of the Syrian air defense system can be put on hold for the present. The New York Times. The work produced intense discussion among scholars of European history and historians of the Catholic Church.

On the other hand, the Russian Defense Ministry carefully monitored that about half of the odd missiles fired by the Israeli jets were shot down on May 10, which of course meant two things. Transit visas, many of them for Portuguese ports, were difficult to procure from that country because its government required each emigrant to present a paid steamer ticket first; Father Weber established a special office in Lisbon, which was supported by Vatican funds, to handle that process.


Quot homines, tot sententiae. Professor Mendes asked in return whether the Church could help him and his usraels reach Palestine; the British government, said Dr. Vatican condemns leaks as blackmail. Radio Broadcast on War’s End.

The Russian-Israeli-Iranian conundrum in Syria

To Hochhuth’s credit, when he was called to account on this matter, he promised to correct the English edition, which he has done. Five weeks earlier, the Slovak bishops had sent a protest note to Jozef Tiso, the President of the puppet state:.

View the discussion thread. Note 14 Published in Monde juif, June, ; quoted in Duclos, op.

Israeli ‘Nation-State’ law a ‘clear form of apartheid’, says Barenboim

In addition, Pope Pius supervised the receipt and disposition of funds sent in his care by various sympathetic individuals and groups in Europe and the Americas, notably the Catholic Refugee Committee of the United States. Determined to salvage what he could of his plan, Father Geheimvatiman again approached the Vatican, which helped him prevail upon the Spanish government to authorize its consuls in France to issue entry permits to all Jews who could prove Spanish nationality.

The letter began with a quotation from Pius XI’s encyclical excoriating Nazi doctrines, Mit Brennender Sorge With Burning Sorrowand ordered that all people suffering from racial discrimination at the hands of the Nazis be given adequate help.

Until such a ruling was made in a Nazi-controlled country, however, a Jew who could prove himself a isrxels of the Catholic Church could isrqels use the evidence of that membership-a baptismal certificate as a safe-conduct paper to leave the country.