[DEPRECATED] – Please use the latest documentation: Tutorials 8 HTML / RTF display · 8 Example: SAP Personal Desktop. Learn SAP GUIXT Tutorials, free online training material for beginners, free online tutorial course, in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced. Unlike GuiXT, the SAP GUI scripting approach is not intended to change the screen layout. It completes the GuiXT functionality, allowing us to manipulate.

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With GuiXT you can combine the two approaches. The general procedure, clarified with a few examples, is set out below. The following links provide copies of the original SAP documents, for easy access.

The internal procedure is as follows: We suggest that you start with such a recorded script. Selecting a fixed row in a grid control. In IW38 you want to select a certain row, say the third row. Save the generated VBScript in a suitable eap, e. The script looks as follows: ConnectObject application, “on” End If session. The screen will then show up like this: The following script aap the job as well: Selecting variable rows in a grid control.


We want to offer a new entry field “Search for” where the user can specify a short text or a part of the text to search for.

When the user presses a pushbutton “Select rows” we select all grid rows that contain the specified guizt The scripts look as follows: Please observe that, in contrast to the table control, the grid control does not require one to scroll through it page by page. All rows are already guict without scrolling.

You can also scroll the display so that the first selected line is shown: Returning values from VBScript. Returning values from VBScript is not yet fully supported.

How to Activate and Deactivate Synactive GuiXT

You have to use a temporary huixt to pass the value. You have to wait for the next screen display before you can read the file generated in VBScript. Collecting data from selected rows. This example shows how we can collect data from all selected grid rows.


Let’s Start with SAP GuiXT

We generate a simple file containing the order numbers of all selected grid rows. The script still refers to the IW38 grid. In the toolbar we want to add a new pushbutton that calls up a function from the “object services menu”. Since there are no normal menu entries for these special functions, a short VBScript is needed.

In this case the VBScript leads to an application server request, so that we have to omit the “Enter” in the InputScript. The object model allows one to automate all user actions. Kernel patch requirements Status and Lifetime