JOHN GITHONGO. Senior Associate Member Indeed, I completed this dossier in September after four and half months of steady work. John Githongo (born ) is a former Kenyan journalist who investigated bribery and fraud in . evidence’ in Kenya scandal (includes Meg PDF of Githongo’s dossier – a blockbuster); ^ “Kenya: Githongo Report”. focus .org. (C) Githongo’s belief that Ringera was part of the corruption problem was largely based on the latter’s unwillingness to be responsive to the dossier of.

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For other ways to donate please see https: East Af… Africa Cup of Nations: Growth from the roots? As he was unraveling the Anglo-Leasing secure passport scam, Githongo was indirectly threatened by Perera through then-Justice Minister Murungi.

Tails is an operating system launched from a USB stick or a DVD that aim to leaves no traces when the computer is shut down after use and automatically routes your internet traffic through Tor.

Ref A is the first- hand account detailing high-level graft and cover-up in the Kibaki administration made available to the public in January by John Githongo, the President’s anti- corruption advisor who went into self-imposed exile in February That’s when you will really be killed. In particular, you should try to stick to your normal routine and behaviour. Justice Ringera has played his part in not pressing hard on this case and attempting to discourage Githongo from releasing information and investigating Anglo-Leasing further.

The Story of a Kenyan Whistle-Blower. The track record of KACC is testimony of betrayal of this principle. Corruption is also a major impediment to greater domestic and foreign investment in the Kenyan economy. In the week I was to receive threats over the telephone and abuse in the gutter press. In the case of Anglo-Leasing, he asserts that he is held up by various court cases that have impeded prosecution. A brain’s friend or… Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo g…. Coincidentally these cancellations were of all the egregious contracts that were the subjects of my Department’s interest and which I felt needed to be handed over the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission.


By this time we had already discovered that despite no work being done roughly USD5 million had nevertheless been paid to them. Submit documents to WikiLeaks. Everyone knows Kibaki is a thief.

February 9, at 9: Kiraitu that I was angry because I knew I was being demoted because of doing my job by pursuing the Anglo Leasing matter relentlessly and that this left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

You don’t go for days without once going through what you have recorded. The deal is believed to be among the 18 suspect contracts frozen by the Minister of Finance in for forensic audit and investigation. Alfred Getonga had galled him and was “very disquietened by the sending of the letters rogatory and actually asked whether they could be recalled.

Kibaki never responded to my dossier on graft, Githongo claims : The Standard

Bance f… Africa Cup of Nations: No this is not a suggestion. S As Personal Assistant to the Gityongo, Alfred Getonga used his position in the Office of the President OP to push forward fraudulent contracts in the OP and in other ministries, and then divert a large portion of these government resources for political campaign fundraising, and for personal gain. To demonstrate how honest Perera was, the General told me a story of how the late Adam Ali Financial Secretary had died with Perera owing him Ksh10 million.

It was a very surprising admission from Kiraitu about corruption and ‘us’. More about the Horizon Fitness T Treadmill by the treadmill assembly services. Mc — Kay has worked with the fitness industry for over 20 years now.

When we met the next day, Your Excellency you raised the issue doxsier Merlyn Kettering again and I informed you that the KACC were still hunting him and dossiet it was clear that the man was at the heart of the entire national security network. Further, the Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority strongly supports visa revocation against the four individuals in light of the Commission’s own evidence of wrongdoing.


Aaron Ringera’s corruption, Post recommends that Mr. Ddossier design and style look great though!

Ringera’s key role was recently confirmed by the irregular manner in which he was reappointed on August 31 by President Kibaki to a second five-year term. He claimed that he wanted to speak frankly and conceded that the immigration investigation had caused a lot of political disquiet. We by now had a clear idea of dlssier was behind the Anglo leasing deals from all the circumstantial evidence the investigators had obtained and Hon.

Elections on the edge: Most of them are dishonest and need to change. After five years of working together, their collaboration rather appears to be an elaborate system of maintaining the appearance of activity while achieving the reality of inactivity.

He repeated his fear that he expected another Goldenberg type scandal to be generated from our struggle to hold together the coalition. Where else could anybody get dossieg type of info in such an ideal means of writing?

However, he promised that he ‘would look into the matter’. The prohibition makes a difference, both as a deterrent and as a punishment.

Kenya: Githongo Report

Comments By Email Posts. He also pointed out that in fact, he now feared for his personal security. You also asked why British High Commissioner Clay had been so upset with Muthaura’s statement, to which I reported that I had also met with Clay and could confirm that he was deeply upset with Muthaura’s statement.