Among the factors that set apart Geocomfort geothermal heat pumps are cost effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, and unmatched quality. Further, a great thing . Certainly the ClimateMaster price is more attractive to me but it However GeoComfort unit costs about $ according to the sales rep while. GeoComfort geothermal systems are designed to harness the earth’s energy for Cost-Effective GeoComfort Geothermal Systems for Madison Wisconsin.

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That means less reliance on supplemental heat and ultimately lower heating costs when compared with other geothermal brands.

Your local utility may offer incentives, as well. The 5 ton is 3 grand more than the 4 ton unit. I was just slightly concerned that the 5 ton bid cost less than the 4 ton bid and most geocomffort else was the same.

He did suggest I get a “holding tank” that would hold water heated by the desuperheater and then it would supply hot water to the electric water heater. In addition to the highest prkce capacities, GeoComfort also boasts the best heating efficiencies. Hope I got that right. The size of the heat pump is based on those numbers.

However, it gekcomfort important to understand that the year-upon-year operational savings far outweigh the initial set up expenses, even for a newly constructed property.

Having someone else do the power wiring is pretty standard. It also shows a 5 ton unit should be the equipment installed. I would recommend the 10 year parts and labor agreement for either unit.

Permanent are nice because of the odd size and difficulty in finding many heat pump filters. AMI ContractingFeb 4, Our solutions serve a wide variety of applications and can be tailored to your needs for optimal efficiency pprice savings.

If you have pfice in this program, our in-house loan expert will provide you with more information and step-by-step instructions to begin the loan application process. Contact us at or fill out our online request for a no-cost, no-obligation appointment for a GeoComfort geothermal heating and cooling system. Bergy, Thanks for geocomforg input. No, create an account now. Guys, Since the holding tank is nothing more than a hot water heater not connected to electric, I guess it would be wise to watch for ads for a hot water heater now since the decision on who I will have do the work and then when the work is completed is going to be a while off.


Geothermal Costs

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Just didn’t have any local support for our business. Oh, as to the factory labor rates, Pricd read a post about that and it’s on my list. Regarding the load information: I’m not sure what I would have ended up with without this forum and all your input. GeoComfort units are made in America with the highest standards of quality. Right now, after re-reading everyone’s comments I’m leaning towards the Waterfurnace geocomrort ton estimate.

We usually just include it and you would never know that it is being sub-contracted. He looked at the figures on the drawings and, after looking around the house agreed with the 5 ton vs.

Well, the third bid has arrived and is right in the middle. Think I got that right. Use our free calculator to see how much you can save on energy costs using a GeoComfort Geothermal heating and cooling solution versus your current system.

There are state, provincial, and local incentives available in parts of geocomfott U. Neither company mentions anything about a buffer tank.

Their service does count for something when I look at the bids but, like I said, 4 grand? Both include a 10KW strip, the pad, drilling 1 says extra if rock is hit in drillingdigital thermostat and duct work alterations. Your name or email address: He called last night and said he’d be by this morning. The GeoComfort brand offers the broadest residential product offering available.


I still do not understand why the first 2 did not indicate a holding tank on their bids if you need one for the desuperheater. I was confused by the same thing looking at the size vs.

help with quotes | GeoExchange® Forum

Thanks again to all for your input on this. Codes generally require a permit for this, and not many of us carry full-time electricians on staff. GeoComfort has partnered with a lending institution that specializes in energy-efficient home improvements to offer flexible financing, so you could install a geothermal system with no money down.

No other prixe manufacturer has quality testing as extensive. Learn more about partnering with Enertech prrice experience how we make geothermal better.

One thing I noticed is the Waterfurnace unit comes with the electrostatic air filter you just wash and reinstall versus replacing filters for the other two units. I don’t yeocomfort the DSH one tank option is around anymore for any other reason than inertia. Used in more than 20 countries around the world, it is becoming popular with property owners in and around Madison, Wisconsin. Send us a message.


Created and maintained by WSI. Project Planner Installation Spotlights. Top Wisconsin GeoComfort Geothermal Systems Dealer offers Customized Services The sizing, installation and calibration of GeoComfort geothermal heat pumps or cooling systems impact performance, comfort and savings. We offer the complete line of equipment and accessories for residential and commercial heating, cooling and hot water comfort systems.