This website is dedicated to the construction of wood gasifiers that can be used to run a gasoline engine with. Woodgas has been around for a long time and it. If you google “fema gasifier” there will be several documents that should pop up. Below is an example. and FEMA EMWE We’rk Unit D . gasifier unit (i.e., a “producer gas” generator, also called a “wood gas” generator) which is capable of.

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I have to disagree with you on one point and that is this model is a proven design. All of these solid fuels are composed primarily of carbon with varying amounts of hydrogen, oxygen, and impurities, such as sulphur, ash, and moisture. High-grade biomass fuels such as wood blocks or chips will flow down through the gasifier under the influence of gravity, and downdraft air flow. This dust may be partially carried away by the gas; however, it might eventually begin to plug the gasifier, and so it must be removed by shaking or agitation.

I would stop short in calling this particular design as “proven” Adding additional insulation can further raise temperatures there which is important for tar reduction. The open top design ensures uniform access of air to the pyrolysis region. No special fuel shape or pretreatment is necessary; any blocky fuel can be used.

In the matchstick example above, as the wood was burned and pyrolyzed into charcoal, wood gas was created, but the gas was also consumed by combustion since there was an enormous supply of air in the room. I mentioned in a previous post some modifications that might be done.

I am confident you gasifirr some insightful knowledge but this sounds a tad bit melodramatic to prove a point. Naturally, gasifiwr people most affected by oil and petroleum scarcity made the greatest advancements in wood gas generator technology.

I consider the primary purpose of this forum as a resource for education, and I’m trying to encourage the reader to take the claim seriously. The FEMA design is generally suited to introduce wood gasification and many variations of this design do power vehicles without destroying them.

At the bottom of this zone, all of the available oxygen from the air was completely reacted. One of the most simple gasifier designs out there. The gasiffier of wood gas generators need not be limited to transportation applications.


The filtering must be good enough to capture the tar to protect the engine from being gummed gasifiee. Section 3 contains information on operating, maintaining, and trouble-shooting your wood gas generator; also included are some very important guidelines on safety when using your gasifier system. Bridging can be prevented by stirring, shaking, or by agitating the grate or by having it agitated by the vehicle’s movement. Both femx Imbert gasifiers and the stratified concept have a provision for shaking the grate; when they are used to power vehicles, they are automatically shaken by the vehicle’s motion.

The United States, never faced with such prolonged or severe oil shortages, has lagged far behind Europe and the Orient in familiarity with and application of this technology; however, a catastrophe could so severely disrupt the supply of petroleum in this country that this technology might be critical in meeting the energy needs of some gasidier economic activities, such as hasifier production and distribution gaskfier food. Solar Dehydrator Plans – Combo Package download.

A prototype gasifier unit was fabricated from these instructions.

If one removes most of the volatiles from wood essentially making charcoal in the processthen gasifier design is not so critical. A more robust gas producer. Wood gas generators are not technological marvels that can totally eliminate our current dependence on oil, reduce the impacts of an energy crunch, or produce long-term economic relief from high fossil fuel prices, but they are a proven emergency solution when feam fuels become unobtainable in case of war, civil upheaval, or natural disaster.

Wayne Keith worked pretty well with a modified FEMA design not that I can attest to any working experience as my knowledge is through literature.

FEMA Gasifier

During operation of this gasifier, air passes uniformly downward through four zones, hence the name ‘stratified: Thanks for the added link. The open top permits fuel to be fed more easily and allows easy access. Also, I express some skepticism that any filtration system will catch all the tar. However, other fuels such as shredded wood, sawdust, and bark can form a bridge that will prevent continuous flow and cause very high temperatures.

This gasifisr design employs a balanced, negative-pressure concept in which the old type of sealed fuel gaifier is no longer necessary. The tar can be used to tar your roof or your driveway. Stationary engines can also be fueled by wood gasifiers to run electric generators, pumps, and industrial equipment.

This is fasifier important distinction. As the wood gas burns, the products of combustion are carbon dioxide CO2 and water vapor H2O. The goal of this report is to furnish information for building a homemade wood gas generator made out of ordinary, available hardware, in order to get tractors, trucks, and other vehicles operating without delay, if a severe liquid fuel emergency should arise.


This new technology has several popular names, including ‘stratified, downdraft gasification’ and ‘open top gasification.

I have to disagree with you on one point and that is whether this model is a proven design. It can be constructed very quickly in the case of an vema emergency scenario where time is of essence.

The fuel is not quite as robust because the tar is a wasted “potential” fuel. For example, the body of the unit consists of a galvanized metal garbage can atop a small metal drum; common plumbing fittings throughout; and a large, stainless steel mixing bowl for the grate.

Adding the restriction plate to the base of the fire tube serves a couple functions: Gasification is a physicochemical process in which chemical transformations occur along with the conversion of energy. You have to use harsh solvents such as gasoline to clean it off and when you stink your house up with the smell of tar and gasoline your spouse will make you give up your gasifier project and dreams or else they will KILL you and bury you in the back yard with it and tell your family that you left the country.

Obviously, it is desirable to use these widely available biomass residues.

Imbert gasifier vs FEMA gasifier

The purpose of this report is to develop detailed, illustrated instructions for the fabrication, installation, and operation of a biomass gasifier unit i. This unit was then mounted onto the front of a gasoline-engine farm tractor and successfully field basifier, using wood chips as the only fuel; see Gasifer.

A gas generator unit is, simultaneously, an energy converter and a filter. It is an emergency unit, and should be used as nothing more. Therefore, in any case I expect a FEMA design to introduce tar into an engine at a rate many times higher than an Imbert all else equal. It’s not a bad idea for use as an emergency unit when nothing else is available – more gaisfier, this is precisely what the system is designed to accomplish emergency, and nothing more.