The Fujifilm GA Professional is an autofocus medium format camera include (P) programmed auto, (A) aperture priority, and (M) manual. U FUJIFILM. GA/ GAW. Professional. ลาว. Professional. TO E. m m. ( GA Professional. OWNER’S MANUAL. BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG. Hi there, Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the service manual for the GAzi? Butkus only has the Use Manual and I would quite.

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On the left we have the battery cover that holds two CRa lithium batteries, with access by coin slot screw. Canon EOS The approx number manuzl frames shot on the camera can be display by pressing and holding the exposure comp button while camera is off and switching to ISO.

Fujifilm GA I / W I instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Box contents ; camera, instruction manual, a softcase, neck strap, hood and cap. Working with this camera is a breeze. The most interesting aspect is the format.

The gray lever type catch on the right side opens the rear cover. Imagine your dreams and shoot fuuifilm on medium-format! Mid-roll rewind is possible with a button on the base of the camera. Product shots with descriptions.

FujiFilm GA645 Owner’s Manual

Sony NEX 7 Sigma DP1 Fujichrome Velvia 50 film Manufactured by ; Fuji Photo Film Co. Here are a few samples for your viewing pleasure. S attack – awesome!


See sample images farther down the page. Shutter and speed ; super quiet electronic auto exposure inter-lens shutter with buzzer so you know when it trips!

It is based on a 7 element in 6 group lens design with a minimum focusing distance of 0. It has additional information including aperture, shutter speed, focus distance m or ftas well as exposure meter information.

A point and shoot, fully automatic, medium format camera! See how this modified and rebranded medium format camera worked its way out of obscurity and into the wishlists of many in this manul of Lomopedia.

Manual for Fuji GA645

Learn more about fujigilm in this installment of Lomopedia. Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams. Canon EOS 5 Another fyjifilm plus is the date and exposure imprinting on the negative margin, that saves me from having to stop and write down my exposure settings after each shot. It is succeeded by the Fujifilm GAireleased in Filter use requires compensation really easy to do though as the metering is through the finder.

A tripod was used, but no filters.


Manua, F6 Epson R-D1 It takes two sometimes pricey batteries that may not be available at your vacation destination, so keep a spare set handy. The middle button is for the self timer. It is based on a 3 glass element reverse Galilean design. Introduced near the end of the 50s, this medium format SLR was the brainchild of a then-known camera manufacturer from Germany. The two red buttons are for popping out the film loading knobs so you can load your film, then press the knobs up until they lock.


Crippling features and omissions ; nothing really bad, the only minor item would be TTF metering, and that means you have to manually compensate when using filters. It also supports fully automatic film loading.

Name ; Fuji GA Professional. On top we have a hot-shoe in the middle, and LCD panel on the right showing ISO, shutter speed, film type, shot number, aperture, focusing distance, AF or MF, flash ready, battery indicator, and other data. On the inside of the back cover manaul have the film pressure plate, which can be adjusted from toand after doing so, it will show up on the LCD.

All dimensions include protrusions. Please login to leave a comment. Snap up a roll now! This makes it a perfect camera for portrait photography. Focal length ; 60mm.