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There are a lot of misunderstandings and general confusion concerning PRIA Pilot Records Improvement Acthow foorm relates to the pilot screening, selection, and hiring process, what responsibilities fall on the individual pilot, and what information is contained in PRIA reports. FAPA is determined to give its members actionable information for their career decisions. PRIA is an inter-industry communication mechanism that involves three parties: PRIA is merely a protocol that air carriers must follow when hiring a pilot.

PRIA was enacted as a result of seven fatal commercial aviation accidents between and During the accident investigations, it was found that during the hiring process of the pilots involved, in all cases each airline had limited access to, or failed to obtain pilot records.

An individual pilot is not authorized to complete and submit any of the PRIA forms on their own. The PRIA series forms all six listed below is strictly for industry use, specifically by air carriers and operators under parts, and The main purpose of this document is to provide actionable information for FAPA. Pilots should note that the most important aspect of pilot applications, records, and reports is honesty and transparency.

Faa recruiters understand that people make mistakes. Once the application is submitted it becomes a legal document that the hiring airline assumes is complete, current, and accurate. Simply stated, when in doubt, disclose it. According to FAPA Interview Coachesmost negative aspects of your application can often be put in a 80600 context or minimized during the interview. The goal of the hiring carrier is not to uncover every traffic violation and failed check ride in an effort to not hire an applicant.

Pilot screening and selection embraces the idea that past performance can be indicative of future performance. It is important to understand that this phase is completely voluntary for both air carriers and airmen. Air carriers must request to participate and a prospective new hire pilot airman must agree to release their records through the PRD, similar to how records would be released under the current PRIA procedures. If an airman does not wish to participate the air carrier should request FAA records caa the current PRIA procedures paper form.

The FAA records, such as pilot certification and failed practical tests that occurred on or after August 1,will be available in phase I so an air carrier or operator can make an informed hiring decision. The types of operators allowed to participate will be expanded as the beta release matures. Phase I of the PRD will include: At this time, no action is required on the part of a pilot applicant unless a hiring air carrier specifically requests access to fa PRD record.


gaa The FAA is not currently releasing a list of participating air carriers. Until then and unless instructed to do so by an air carrier, airmen shall not attempt to access the PRD. The FAA will automatically provide a copy of the report to the applicant.

For this reason, form A is not needed, only form However, if a pilot is requested to fill out the A by the hiring carrier, it is recommended they comply. They are not required to send a copy if it is not specially requested by the pilot. There is no form to make foorm specific request.

Complete Airman File Template: Complete Airman File Request Contains: Copies of all forms, knowledge tests, temporary certificates, records of failed check rides, and any correspondence that was received from the pilot. The time required for processing of a complete airman file from Airmen Certification depends on the current workload on the day your request was received. It can take up to eight weeks or even longer for your request to be processed and returned to you. During the processing period you can call Airmen Certification at to determine the status of your report.

8006 is important to understand that when you submit a request for a Complete Airman File it is actually a request made to three different FAA divisions, which will be fwa at three different times, which means you will receive your records at three different times. Usually, your accident, incident and enforcement AIE report will arrive first, then your medical records, and finally your airman certification file.

This means you cannot request a duplicate certificate or any other action involving your certification records so it is very important that you submit a check or money order as soon as you receive your final records from Airmen Certification. Not necessary to request if you are also requesting a complete airman file number 1 above and you check the “Accidents, Incidents, and Enforcement Information” box.

If you choose to request a separate AIE report it will be processed within 2 to 4 days depending on the workload on the day it was received. Email is the fastest way to request and receive your AIE report. This is the same report that is processed when you request a Complete Airman File so it is not necessary to request both. May be requested by: National Driver Register Driving records and speeding tickets are fodm points of concern for pilot applicants.

NDR Request The below is directly from nhtsa. The NDR maintains the computerized database known as the Problem Driver Pointer System PDPS which 1 information on individuals whose privilege to operate a motor vehicle has been revoked, suspended, canceled or denied or who have been convicted of serious traffic-related offenses. It is important to note that the NDR is not a comprehensive driver history report. Some air carriers may require pilot applicants to provide a full or partial year, etc.

Requests must be made in writing, via notarized letter and mailed to the following address.

| Understanding PRIA

To have a search performed on your name these services are free of charge: Send a notarized request to: This could be a probable match. This is a departure from the original intent of PRIA but has been approved by FAA and, as stated before, is an acceptable procedure for the hiring air carrier. FAQs Back to top of page Q: What if my previous carrier has closed, went bankrupt, or otherwise ceased operations? You are responsible for providing the best available information.


If the carrier is unresponsive it would be advisable to contact the hiring carrier and update them on the situation. There is slightly more to it than this but it is beyond the scope of this document.

Depending on the situation there may be a trustee appointed to handle record requests. Do I not have a right to receive a copy of these?

Understanding PRIA

What is reported to the FAA? In which cases are they not? However, these records may be requested and received via a request to Airmen Certification. PRIA only reports 4 things: Letters of no action, correction and warning notices are all administrative actions which expunge 24 months after the final action date. Referencing this page on faa. ACG current at the time of this writing.

What are the benefits of a Certified file complete airman file? Even though a Complete Airman File is generally not necessary for the interview process, all professional pilots should have a copy of their complete certification records in case they need to reference a particular action on a certain date. It will also document the flight hours that you had at the time of each particular action.

This would generally only be required for other cases, such as use in a court of law. Is a FOIA request ever a good idea for a pilot applicant? Tom, a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at Daytona Beach, has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science degree as well as an airline transport pilot certificate and a pilot in command type rating in the Embraer and Airbus A As an active airline pilot himself Tom understands how important achieving career goals is to each and every pilot he serves.

Hi Louis, Here’s a quick note to say that my nephew’s experience with the premium member FAPA interview preparations was excellent. He interviewed with SkyWest yesterday and was offered a job 45 minutes later.

His CRJ class begins this month. He said that his mock interview and the suggestions he received from FAPA were quite valuable and that he was told that he “hit it out of the ballpark” on the HR portion of the interview.

122 father and I are so pleased that his aviation career is progressing so well. Background PRIA is an inter-industry communication mechanism that involves three parties: Back to top of page Questions or comments? Contact us Some portions of this writing are from faa.