For Dan’s Transmission Service 10 Jefferson Place Fort Walton Beach FL .. See the AUTO TRANS DIAGNOSIS – F4A33, W4A32 & W4A Getting ready for my winter project of rebuilding an F4A First I need one. Found a few JDM units with part #: F4A33K1UPQ Are there any. Transmission Model Number F4A Applications, Specifications, Dimensions, Ratios.

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JB Designs makes these pans for both 1G and 2G and they come with new filter and gasket. To check this against your transfer case then see Here: I’m going to disassemble the trans this weekend and compare to the FSM.

You must log in or sign up transmissipn reply here. Search Forums Recent Posts. They are all outlined in his presentation that he did at the shootout in and Transtar Book Click pg They dont do well in high power output drag scenarios and will do what the stock diff does just to a lesser degree. The rear drum is called that because it is at what would be the rear of the stack.

Here is a 4 part series from John Import Performance Transmission installing a shift kit. If your transmission has stock gears but it whines like it has straight cut gears then your transfer gears are cracked. These do pertain the manual transmissions to.


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Certified Transmission offers the following resource for those interested in knowing vehicle tranemission for the remanufactured F4A transmission. There are some additional mods that Kiggly Racing has brought to light. The front diff has a few options as well as aftermarket parts. You don’t have to fully remove the differential to count this. At The Right Price”. Only in use as the primary clutch ff4a33 in Reverse. It is also shaped in a way to aid in fluid collection and diverting it to the pickup.

F4A33 & W4A33 Transmission Information

If d4a33 are upgrading the brakes to hold the car back then that is a good indicator that you need billet straight cut transfer gears as its guaranteed that it will break the OEM transfer gears sooner or later.

Getting ready for my winter project of rebuilding an F4A You can download that pdf on the Downloads page. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: So it will not work in a 1G transmission. Certified Transmission has partnered with leading automotive repair specialists located throughout the continental United States that sell and install our top-quality remanufactured transmissions.


As a byproduct of reducing noise it heavily promoted deflection. You also want no weld splatter because those can come off in the transmission and go through it.

F4A33 – Mitsipedia

The next option is a Quaife center diff. This is the prevent warping. When you weld the center diff in these you take the Viscous Coupling out and eliminate it from the transmission altogether and pulls alot of weight out of the transmission.

If your looking for a cheaper option like on RockAuto then you need to get a filter that has two inlets like whats circled in the images. Dodge Eagle Hyundai Mitsubishi Plymouth. User Tools Log In. What transmission do i have?

They are more oriented towards auto cross or road course duty.