Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is an acute polyneuropathy with a variable degree of Another prognostic model (Erasmus GBS Outcome Scale) has been. e.g., the Medical Research Council Scale. Grade 5: outcome, caregivers, including medical professionals, may help Erasmus GBS Prognosis Score. 1. Abbreviation / Long Form: EGOS / Erasmus GBS Outcome Scale 3, , IVIG treatment and prognosis in Guillain-Barre syndrome. GBS, IVIG.

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Regarding the prognosis of outcome after one to 6 months from onset, age is generally considered to be a poor prognostic factor. Our website uses cookies to enhance your experience. A retrospective study demonstrated that these patients frequently have residual disabilities.

General supportive management of patients with AKI, including management of complications. This model offers the possibility to select patients with a poor prognosis already within the first week after admission. At 6 months after treatment, the albumin levels were higher when compared with the pretreatment level median serum albumin, 4.

Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. This would help to have better insight in the complete spectrum of GBS. Mildly affected is arbitrarily often defined as being able to walk, with or without assistance. We developed a clinical prognostic model for early prediction of outcome in GBS, applicable for clinical practice and future therapeutic trials.

Top of the page – Article Outline.

Get free access to newly published articles Create a personal account or sign in to: Promising candidates are infection serology, antiganglioside antibodies, and serum IgG level increase after IVIg treatment, which were all related to outcome. This derivation cohort consisted of patients who had been included in 2 treatment trials and one pilot study.


Entry criteria and baseline characteristics predict outcome in acute stroke trials. Finally, we cannot rule out potential bias caused by the recumbence of patients, which is known to expand the plasma volume and thereby lower serum protein levels.

Autonomic dysfunction, like labile blood pressure, tachycardia or heart rate disturbances, often occurs in GBS patients. Anti-ganglioside antibody and neuropathy: Evaluation and general management of patients with and at risk for AKI.

Advances in prognostic modelling resulted in the development of a simple prognostic scale that predicts the chance for artificial ventilation, already at admission; and in an outcome scale that can be used to determine the chance to be able to walk unaided after 1, 3 or 6 months. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

CSF examination is especially helpful to rule out other causes of weakness, for example Lyme disease or HIV-related radiculitis, both associated with increased number of mononuclear cells. Variables that added significant predictive information were selected for use in a multivariable model.

This model may assist clinicians in optimizing treatment for individual patients with GBS. In the acute phase of GBS before treatment, circulatory albumin levels were within the reference range in most patients median, 4.

Early recognition of poor prognosis in Guillain-Barré syndrome

Age and MRC sumscore were categorized to facilitate the applicability in clinical practice. Treatment trials, especially in rare diseases, usually require a long period of time to include sufficient patients. Data collected prospectively from a cohort of patients with GBS were used to identify predictors for outcome.


Biomarkers erawmus axonal damage in immune-mediated neuropathy. All 3 studies used the same inclusion and exclusion criteria. Access to the text HTML. Patients were allocated to 1 of 2 groups clinical hypoalbuminemia present or absent or divided into tertiles of approximately equal number based on the raw data to maximize the value of information also within the reference range values of albumin.

Hence, only the pretreatment or posttreatment levels were required for final analysis. First, the prognostic model was derived from cohorts of Dutch Caucasians, which may restrict the application scalle those patients. Relevance of albumin in modern critical care medicine.

Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Score taken after 7 days of hospital admission.

Erasmus GBS Outcome Scale (EGOS) – Allie: Abbreviation / Long Form Info.

Based on these predictors, a model was constructed which proved to be valid in an independent cohort of erwsmus with GBS. Rather surprisingly, steroids alone are ineffective.

This study is currently running in The Netherlands. Dotted lines represent reference range values of albumin 3. In the first analysis, patients were stratified in tertiles based on the serum albumin level before or 2 weeks after commencing IVIG therapy.