The Model (digital) updates a preferred scouting tool among treasure hunting enthusiasts to provide even better tuning using the digital tuner and the. Electroscope is an electronic locator similar to a metal detector but will recognize the presence of metals Model Digital Electroscope – FREE SHIPPING!. Today Electroscope offers a wide selection of long range instruments which not only Boasting separate gold and silver modes, the Model has a maximum .

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I partially opened the potted module on elecctroscope Phasor. Most likely, this is meaningless gibberish. A battery icon is on the screen to show the user battery life.

On the top of the control box, the additional mode switches and knobs further vary the voltage that’s applied to the antennae. The Regulator Digital The Electrooscope is the latest innovation by Electroscopes by Thomas that provides the operator with the ability to experiment with materials they want to detect.

That leads me to believe that the Phasor is a totally passive device. This report follows an earlier report on the Electroscope Model The LCD has multiple features providing the user with more comforts than ever before. Cover more ground and save precious time with a Pro-Spector. The 9-volt alkaline battery life is monitored with a battery icon on the LCD. When one of the modules is plugged in, the “Tune” knob will vary how fast the battery drains.

This high-tech, state-of-the-art locator enables you to leap into electdoscope future of long range detection systems. I did not dissect the epoxy modules on this unit, because I wanted to maintain this unit in an undamaged state. Freshly buried targets give off weak signals, while targets buried a long time will produce much stronger signals as a result of the chemical reaction which takes place naturally between the target and the ground matrix.

Geotech – Technology for Treasure Hunting

The shell of the DIN socket is connected to the potted module and the shell of the phone jack. The screen is backlit for lowlight conditions.


As an avid treasure hunter, he realized early on that in order to be successful in this field he needed to locate precious metal from a distance, so as to increase vastily his search area in the minimum possible time, something metal detectors could not do.

The Pro-Spector has separate gold or silver settings and digital tuning to adjust for optimum tuning with large, visible, numbers on the LCD screen, providing the user with a more intense attraction to the desired material in the field. Let this affordable long-range instrument aid you in your pursuit of treasure. It is useful to remove the extraneous nonsense from this drawing, and reduce the schematic down to just circuit components: The watch modules, if that is what they are, along with the “pass through” and dummy wiring, would make it virtually impossible to trace the potted modules using an X-Ray.

The module closest to the meter contained a small radio frequency choke, capacitor, diode and resistor connected to the harness with three wires.

The antenna rods were removed and replaced with the IR devices. Construction is crude and the workmanship is sloppy.

Two more similar modules that came with this unit also measured to have a resistance of 1k across the plug, so all they are designed to do, is drain the battery. The circuitry in the Model mostly just drains the battery.

The Regulator is the latest innovation by Electroscopes by Thomas that provides the operator with the ability to experiment with materials they want to detect.

The antennas can be extended or retracted to achieve good control over the short range or maximum long range searching as per the operator requirements. In the other Electroscope Reportthat author described the module as a “watch I. Fieldscope This newest product by Electroscope, the fieldscope, gives you tremendous advantage over other locators.

Electrosocpe Electroscope models can achieve depths from 15 to 30 feet deep on large targets, 6 to 12 feet on medium targets, and surface up to 2 to 4 feet on small targets.


One unit, a Modelwas obtained by an unnamed individual who drew out the actual circuit diagram, and wrote a report on what he found. Electroscope Model Report. This high-tech, state-of-the-art locator enables you to leap into the future of long range detection systems.

It can be an effective tool in your treasure arsenal and an absolute must for any serious prospector.

Metal Detector Distributors

The meter draws about 80 microamps at full scale and at full deflection the battery drain is microamps. I was able to borrow a Model “Electropositive Frequency Induction Locator” and “Phasor” without the instruction manuals. It was shown that the Model 20 was nothing but a dowsing rod, and the circuitry inside largely consisted of excessive wiring and epoxy modules containing do-nothing junk.

This also allows the operator electrosccope take an educated guess as to target distance according to the length the antennas are extended to. Highly discriminatory, the Regulator is a favorite among prospectors. The Gravitator’s revolutionary new compact design makes it easy to transport into the field.

In the center of the screen, the e-gyro stabilizer assists the operator with the balancing of the Model Simplified Schematic click for larger image.

Metal Detector Distributors

It seems obvious that they are afraid of an independent evaluation, so be very suspicious of any “field tests” you read. It is mounted onto a small PC board and the block it fits into has a slot that resembles the “hot shoe” on a camera. The Regulator allows the user the quantification of a specific material and the elimination of undesirable targets.

When properly balanced, a tone is audible and the word READY is visible to provide confidence for the operator. In addition, there is a square block on top of the Phasor that contains a toroid transformer.

It is my understanding that the Electroscope Company refuses to supply any units to the treasure publications for field testing.