Arming the System. Check the following items before arming the system: Bypass Light. If the “Bypass” light is ON, insure that zones are intentionally bypassed. User Manuals · Request a Service · Request a Quote · Security Tips. Call us now on DSC – PC User Manual · DSC – PC User Manual. View and Download DSC PC installation manual online. DSC PC Installation Manual. PC Security System pdf manual download.

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Do not unintentionally bypass zones when arming. See the Trouble Display section in this manual for a description of the different trouble conditions Contact your installer for assistance if the trouble condition cannot be located and corrected.

Just be careful to use the correct procedure for your Panel. If the access code was entered incorrectly or the “Ready” light was not ON, the keypad sounder will beep steadily for 2 seconds. When activated, the “Bypass” light will come ON. Be sure to remove snow from exterior patio doors in winter: If programmed as audible, the alarm bell will ring. When manal [ ] Key is pressed, the system will delay transmission of the fire alarm for an additional 90 seconds.

Pressing p1550 key for 2 seconds will produce a series of beeps on the keypad along with the transmission. Logged MarcusR Member Posts: A fire alarm will be transmitted to your monitoring station after 30 seconds if it is not silenced by pressing the [ ] Manuxl.

Where can I purchase the battery for PC? October 16, Real Knowledge From Real People. If you are unsure about system operation, contact your installing dealer.

PC – PC Security Products | DSC

Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. In most, but not all areas, the sum of the RENs of all devices connected to one line should not exceed five 5. Keypads are mmanual in convenient areas close to the exit-entry doors. My history is very similar to others, just recently move and manuxl house came with a alarm panel, I want to program it, dont have installer pin, nor installation manual.


There are three zones which can be activated from the keypad. Consider the following when making your escape plans:. You will need to read the installer manual and complete the programming worksheet. Have you looked at the battery? If your system is not monitored, call the local police to investigate. Is z fixed messages compatible? A Happy New Year to you as well. If you experience trouble with this telephone equipment, please contact the facility indicated below for information on obtaining service or repairs.

If the [9] key is pressed, the last group of zones which was bypassed will be recalled. Enter 1 for zone Transmission of the fire alarm to your monitoring station is delayed for 30 seconds to allow you to cancel possible false alarms.

To be certain of manul number of devices that you may connect to your line, you may want to contact your local telephone company. The keypad s have an audible indicator, display lights and command entry keys. When the correct code is entered and the system is armed, exit through the door indicated by your installer as the exit-entry door.

It the smoke manuap is reset and remains reset after the second delay, a fire alarm will not be transmitted to the monitoring station. In the case of such temporary discontinuance, the telephone company shall promptly notify the customer and will be given the opportunity to correct the situation.

Do not wash the keypad with a wet cloth. My alarm just wails until I pull the power and battery. Remember, the [A] key does not ring the bell and the [P] key may not be programmed for an audible signal.


I sent you a Private Message with the info. I appreciate that this is a very old topic but i live in hope that someone can still remember!!

DSC PC1550 Installation Manual

For security reasons, your installer may prevent the bypass command from operating on certain zones. Loss of Time on System Clock.

I know that z is not. February 09, Michele on February 09, The zone light will go OFF as each sensor is restored to normal door or window is closed 5.

October 14, If your security system is programmed to report to a monitoring station, the keypad will also sound a tone to indicate that the monitoring station has dcs advised of the arming of the system.

My system reset now I can’t get back in.

The doors and windows which will provide this indication are programmed by your installer. The REN is useful to determine the quantity of devices that you may connect to your telephone line and still have all of those devices ring when your telephone number is called. Go to a neighbor and call the fire department.

If you are uncertain about the condition of your electrical appliances or household service, have a professional evaluation. Wait for the fire department. Should your system fail to operate properly, call your installer for service.

Use the forums search feature and you will find amnual threads on the topic. The “Armed” light will flash as a reminder that the system is armed and has no entry delay.