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Thus, it appears that caveolin prefers the inactive conformation of Src.

Putative allosteric activators could stabilize c-Src in the activated state, whereas putative allosteric inhibitors could hold c-Src in an inactive conformation Examining the interaction of caveolin with c-Src and v-Src tyrosine kinases. Caveolae are plasma membrane specializations present in most cell types.

Four days later, culture supernatants were removed and centrifuged at 1, rpm for 10 min. Slides were mounted with Slow-Fade anti-fade reagent and observed under a Bio-Rad MR confocal fluorescence microscope.

Bquantitation of A middle panel. Effects of mutated caveolin peptides on the auto-activation of c-Src tyrosine kinase. Peptides derived from all three caveolins contain two conserved tyrosine residues marked by arrows in Fig. Add to Watch list Watching Watch list is full.

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In 21990 regard, several independent lines of evidence suggest that caveolin may function as a scaffolding protein within caveolae membranes. The auto-phosphorylation of c-Src tyrosine kinase is expressed in arbitrary units. These experiments were performed at least three times independently in duplicate.

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First, it is required to form multivalent homo-oligomers of caveolin. Defining a region of caveolin that contains c-Src binding activity.

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Using purified recombinant c-Src tyrosine kinase, we evaluated the effects of these caveolin peptides on the functional auto-activation of c-Src kinase in vitro. Such a conformational change could also be induced normally by unknown allosteric effectors. For example, Shoelson and colleagues have shown that high concentrations of peptide substrates inhibited the autophosphorylation of c-Src kinase Rear Axle; for brake disc diameter: Materials The cDNA for canine caveolin was as described previously Clarified supernatants containing wild-type and recombinant viruses were plaque assayed on a monolayer of Sf9 cells.

To date, a total of nine distinct members of the Src family of tyrosine kinases have been identified and cloned ZhaoLan Tang, Kenneth S.

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Portions of the information contained in this table have been provided by carpartsinmotion. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods and will depend on when your payment clears – opens in a new window or tab. It is now well established that tyrosine phosphorylation of c-Src itself plays a major role in controlling its intrinsic kinase activity.


Kunxin Luo, Whitehead Institute, and Dr. For double transfection experiments, T cells gift of Dr.

Seller information carpartsinmotion Briefly, full-length caveolin residuesthe C-terminal domain of caveolin residuesand regions of the N-terminal domain of caveolin residues,and were subcloned into the vector pGEX-4T Anti-Src-immunoprecipitates from T cells co-transfected with c-Src and caveolin were washed twice with kinase reaction buffer 20 m M Hepes, pH 7. Auto-activation of c-Src occurs through auto-phosphorylation of tyrosine A caveolin peptide derived from this region residues functionally 291990 the auto-activation of purified recombinant c-Src tyrosine kinase and Fyn, a related Src family tyrosine kinase.

The SH2 domain recognizes specific phosphotyrosine based motifs 61whereas the SH3 domain binds proline-rich peptide sequences with the consensus P XX P 6263 See compatible vehicles Quantity: See other items More Recently, two novel caveolin-related proteins have been identified and cloned.

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