J Ethnopharmacol. May;56(3) Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of Croton urucurana Baillon (Euphorbiaceae). Peres MT(1), Delle. Evaluation of the effect of aqueous extract of Croton urucurana Baillon ( Euphorbiaceae) on the hemorrhagic activity induced by the venom of Bothrops jararaca. Una ning gihulagway ni Henri Ernest Baillon. Ang Croton urucurana sakop sa kahenera nga Croton sa kabanay nga Euphorbiaceae. Pagka karon wala pay siak.

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Taxonomy, distribution and status.

(Croton urucurana) SANGRE DE DRAGO ~ Original = (2194 x 2694)

The hexane, bark ethyl acetate, leaf ethyl acetate fractions, in ppm concentration, presented less toxicity with a LT 50 of Treatise on the isoptera of the world: Hundreds of plant species have been studied in order to find out the active ingredients responsible for their insecticidal activity against various pests of economic significance.

Tree growing in native habitat Photograph by: Plants growing in natural environments often have cyclical sequences of seed production with one episode of high productivity followed by one or two years of low seed set, making it important for growers to maintain seed viability during storage through the use of specific technologies developed for each species Kissmann et al. The highest first count percentages of total germination and the highest germination speed indices were observed in control seeds and in those which were treated with water or mg.

A blank filter paper and filter paper treated with solvent only were used as the controls. Rcoton Technology 59 Juss azadirachtin, salannin, and acetylgedunin, geduninthe main representatives of the terpernoid class with insecticidal activity, have significant effect on the larvae and pupae of Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Lepidoptera: All of the seedlings survived in all of these treatments Table I.


A colorful model for genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, and biotechnology. It is important to stress, however, that electrolyte release was greater in seeds that were stored at room temperature for days as compared to seeds stored under refrigeration for the same period of time. March 12, ; Accepted: These authors observed that seeds soaked in water for 12 hours or in KNO 3 had higher germination percentages and germination speed indexes with means that did not vary among themselves, but root and aerial portion lengths were higher when the seeds were treated with mg L -1 GA.

The gut portion posterior to the proventriculus and corton to the malpighian tubules was taken.

December 15, ; Published: Curve slopes data of concentration-mortality, LC 50 and LC 95X 2 to the crude extract Croton urucurana and the ethanol-water, hexane, leaf ethyl acetate and bark on Heterotermes sulcatus. The control of termites is made mainly through the application of synthetic insecticides or traditional wood preservatives Lee and Ryu, ; Pandey et al.

The results of probit analysis for determination of lethal concentrations LC 50 and LC 95 showed that LC 50 of ethanol-water fraction was the most efficient one. Kuntze Oxydectes urucurana Baill. Hundreds of plant species have been studied in order to find out the active ingredient responsible for their insecticidal activity against the pests of economic importance. In South America, it is found six species, being all of them considered pests Constantino, Ethyl acetate fraction leaf, FAEC: Only actively feeding larvae with guts filled with food were used.

Croton urucurana Siyentipikong ngalan Croton urucurana Baill.

Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of Croton urucurana Baillon (Euphorbiaceae).

P, Rey D, David J. Type the digit seven into the box. July 14, ; Revised: However, as the germination index was generally low, it may be that the thermal bands used here did not coincide with the species’ optimums.


Larval gut homogenates were prepared according to Macedo et. Medio standard error, LT Nich seedlings decreased with seed uruxurana time. Sixty days after harvesting the fruit crop, three different seed color groups were exposed to urucurnaa following treatments: Based on ANOVA, all the evaluated characteristics demonstrated significant interactions between the incubation environment and the storage period.

Filter paper treated with crude extract and fractions of C. The increase in fresh weight was probably lower among seedlings grown under greenhouse conditions at natural environmental temperatures because the seeds were less vigorous uruurana to greater losses of humidity although this characteristic was not specifically evaluated.

The metabolic cost was not significantly altered in relation to the control Table 1. Northeastern Plants, Especially the Ceara. Effects of Croton urucurana extracts and crude resin on Anagasta kuehniella Lepidoptera: The gradual decrease in the germination percentages of seeds stored at room temperatures is clearly visible at the time of the third evaluation, and suggests that deterioration became more pronounced after this time.

It was found that the crude extract and ethanol-water fraction resulted in the lowest LC 50 and LC 95 values as well as these formulations also presented lowest LT 50 and LT 95 values among all the treatments, hence making these formulations most toxic among the tested ones against H.

The seeds used in the experiments were separated into three groups according to their color: After removing all crotom extraneous tissue and freeing the lumen from its contents by rinsing in 0.