GOD FOR US AND WITH US: THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF CATHERINE LACUGNA’S TRINITARIAN THEOLOGY* Mark S. Medley Campbellsville University. An extraordinary work that revitalizes theology and Christian life by recovering the early roots of Trinitarian doctrine and exploring the enduringly practical. At the heart of all reality, including the household of God, is the personal God whose being God for Us by Catherine Mowry LaCugna.

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Becoming human can thus be understood as imago Trinitatis.

Building on the work of Karl RahnerLaCugna argued that the “demise of the doctrine of the Trinity” started when early church theologians had to respond to the teachings of Ariusarch-heretic of the Christian church. As human beings actively incarnated the creative communion of the triune God-for-us, such relating must not be characterized by hierarchy, subordination, or exclusivity, but rather by interdependence, dialogue, radical equality, and inclusivity.

She thus claims that an essential, not strict, distinction between “God” and “God for us” remains epistemologically and conceptually unavoidable in order to uphold divine freedom as well as to avoid collapsing ux “immanent Trinity” into the “economic Trinity.

Personhood is often reduced to individual self-consciousness or to a mere product of social relations.

laccugna Living trinitarian faith entails living as Jesus did: The reason for the selection is simply that the history of Christian thought has, until recent decades, been largely a male story. The historical development of the doctrine of the Trinity is quite impressive from the standpoint of intellectual vigor and speculative attainment.

And a person’s own particularity is actherine shaped in the nexus of one’s relations with others. There, she taught systematic theology to graduate and undergraduate students, eventually holding the Nancy Reeves Dreux Chair of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. Thus a trinitarian interpretation of personhood has a Christie and pneumatic dimension. Views Read Edit View history.

Theology and Church

The nature of God’s inner life theologia is revealed in the oikonomia on the supposition that it is no other God that so acts.

The subject matter of a revitalized doctrine of the Trinity is therefore the encounter between divine and human in the oikonomia. Your email address will not be published.


Archived copy as title link. Medley Campbellsville University Campbellsville, Kentucky In the last thirty years new life has been breathed into theological discussions of the doctrine of the Trinity. I don’t know why it took me so long to pick up this book, published more than two decades ago, but it has proven to be revelatory.

God, Sexuality, and the Self: See and discover forr items: Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

Ue about God increasingly reflected the “God of the philosophers” of Western theism far more than the God to whom the Bible gives witness. A great strength of her work consists in demonstrating how the doctrine of the Trinity is not primarily a formal statement about God’s eternal and internal self-relatedness of an exploration of the relationships within the Godhead.

The “Practical” Trinity – Catherine Mowry LaCugna | Theology and Church

Knowledge of theologia must be resolutely christological and pneumatological. From her reading of pre-Nicene lacguna as well as doxologies, eucharistie prayers and confessional statements prior to the fourth century, LaCugna considers early trinitarian theology to be marked by a conjoining of oikonomia and theologia, or the so-called “economic Trinity” and “immanent Trinity. Informing just patterns of relating, we can thus image the deepest reality of Communion at the heart of all communion Now my comments about the practical ramifications of trinitarian theology have been general in nature rather than specific.

The reign of God, the household of God exists where su form cathernie life—exemplified by Jesus—is evident and practised. English Choose a language for shopping. From the Publisher A brilliant theologian revitalizes theology and Christian life by recovering the early Christian roots of God as Trinity.

Catherine LaCugna

A brilliant theologian revitalizes theology and Christian life by recovering the early Christian roots of God as Trinity. Instead, a new generation of theologians considers trinitarian theology the appropriate framework ggod which to reconstruct Christian faith, doctrine, and practice. A potential response to this charge may be located in the concept of perichoresis.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. According to LaCugna, the church father Augustine furthered this divide between economic and immanent Trinity with his psychological model of the Trinity, which lacugha the inner life of God as being like a human’s memory, intellect, and will. Conclusion In conclusion, Catherine LaCugna labored to restore the doctrine of the Trinity to its rightful place at the center of Christian faith and life. Yes, it is theology in its most basic etymological sense: At this point the reader may be wondering what LaCugna claims about the relations between the persons of the Trinity within the divine life.


The rethinking of human personhood in a trinitarian perspective is a call to the activity of mutuality, just relating, and friendship, to a way that deepens, extends, and embodies communion and solidarity.

Delighting in the Trinity: Similarly, theologia is not the Trinity in se butmuch more modestly and simply, the mystery of God. Theological statements about God are possible not because we have some independent insights into God; rather, they are possible only because God has freely communicated God’s self in the oikonomia. Get fast, free shipping lacuggna Amazon Prime.

An Essay ‘On The Trinity’. The doctrine of the Trinity not only revolutionizes how we think about God and about what it means to be a human person, it drastically transforms the political and social forms of life appropriate to God’s oikonomia.

God for Us: The Trinity and Christian Life – Catherine M. Lacugna – Google Books

God to us, we to God, we lzcugna each other. Such a polyphonic perspective involves the recognition that the self is shaped by a perichoretic dance of originality, spontaneity, diversity, and playfulness that creates a space for that which “does not fit,” for that which resists and denies the closure of universal categorizations.

As LaCugna contends, doxology is the precondition of theological speech, particularly any speech about God because in song, prayer, or praxis believers are invited to graft their own life-narrative into God’s story of redemption, and to participate with God in the movement toward God’s beatific vision of communion.

For LaCugna, the doctrine of the trinity is a way of contemplating the mystery of God and of ourselves, a heuristic framework for correct thought about God and ourselves in relation to God. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

Living trinitarian faith catheriine living as Jesus Christ lived, in persona Christi: