Item 7 – 14 Trademarks: Trademarks and service marks of Cadence Design For more information on this, see the Specman User Guide. a data coverage item selected, the ICCR GUI displays the Functional tab, as shown in Figure Graphical User Interface for Rule. Customization . Incisive Tools. ICCR. SpecView. Unified coverage visualization. Higher performance for. Trademarks: Trademarks and service marks of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. ( Cadence) contained in this document are attributed to Cadence.

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Example 1 Example test launch run script: Click the Config button or select View — Config. It helps to track verification progress in an ongoing project.

For such part-select state registers, following two templates are supported: Consider another truth table for expression containing logical operators on Line See also Table on page to understand how IFV run results are mapped to this column Note Clicking the hyperlink opens the Runs window for that session in the Default view, showing only the passed runs. In the Scripts toolbar, click the Scripts Manager button.

Cadencs can then navigate through the session directory and also browse its contents.

Click here To disable or customize automatic refresh, do one of the following: By default, you see values with maximum 2 decimal places. This will enable the following check boxes: Figure gkide page 63 displays the Configuration dialog box with vPlan related options.

This pop-up describes what happened because of the action performed. Enterprise Manager provides filter files for each agent.

Select the run or runs you want to cadencs. Select Export Active Context from the File menu. Figure Report Done This dialog box shows the location where the report is generated.


Specify the name for the xml file in the File Name field and click Export. The comment is saved to the coverage database and included in coverage reports. If this is the case, you need to define environment variables, such as: The startAction procedure is called first, then the execute procedure is called for any selected entity, and finally the endAction procedure is called.

If the pre-session script fails, the runs are not executed.

Incisive Coverage User Guide

This makes databases insensitive to any hierarchy above that level. Therefore, different instances of a covergroup can assign different values to these options. It is also known as Ty pe-Based.

Flowbreak Statements in Verilog if statement repeat wait statement statement disable statement case item while forever statement for delay control statement statement event control tasks and function calls Flowbreak Statements in VHDL if statement next statement wait statement case item loop statement exit statement return statement All statements from a begin up to and including the completion of the next flowbreak statement.

These comments are not part of the actual report. Clicking the hyperlinked number in the Runs column ungroups the runs and displays the Run ID for each run. For example, if you want to apply the rule such that the filter criterion is met two times, then specify 2 in the Threshold field.

The Report Done dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure on page The Restore Current Layout option sets the default layout for all the panes in all the opened views. Right-click and select Take snapshot from the pop-up menu. Each filter file contains multiple customized filters that are designed to match and extract particular error messages and other failures issued by a particular tool or agent, such as Incisive Simulator, Specman, or IFV.


A folder with the name as the session name is created under the location you specify in the Merge Directory field. All Examples Functions Blocks Apps. Clear the check box, if you do not want the Sessions section to be included in the report.

Incisive vManager User Guide |

To set the optimal process size: After loading the required session, the simplest way to start with analyzing runs is to right-click the session and select Tests from the pop-up menu. For the above sampled values, transition starts at 3rd sample. The General category shows the following option: When this check box is selected, then if any of the commands in this TCL file specified with the -exec option fails, the tool terminates without executing the remaining commands.

Therefore, the hit increments in the 1 1 expression term of the truth table. All statements between a matching begin If no CEX was collected in these runs, you must re-execute the run in debug mode.

Looking at the Failure. The control scoring mode follows a basic rule: Toggle coverage by default does not recognize transitions that originate from an unknown state X or Z. Translated by Mouseover text to see original.