free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Lexmark CN Printer User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Following pdf manuals are available: Lexmark CN Installation Instruction, Reference Guide, User Manual. Service Manual. xx, 4xx. Go Back. Previous. Next. Assembly 1: Covers . 4. 3. 1. 6. 5. 8. 7. 2. 9 www MK-Electronic de.

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Theory Of Operation xx, 4xx Theory of operation Print engine theory Electrophotographic process EP process The method that all laser manial LED printers use to print is called the electrophotographic process.

Printhead Service Check xx, 4xx Printhead service check This service check includes the following errors: Cleaning the exterior of the printer.

This is part of the operator panel bezel and name plate FRU. Page xx, 4xx Disconnect the left fuser spring H from the fuser.

Using the manual feeder. Rear shield removal The rear shield is not a field replaceable unit FRU. Page xx, 4xx Disconnect the operator panel cable, the USB port if installed cable, and the front door open sensor cables from the controller board C. When replacing the controller board, verify the cable from the high-voltage power supply is seated properly. Go to step 6. If so, make sure that the bearing on the left is aligned with the slot C facing down towards the front door.


The diagram shows the menus on the operator panel and items available under each menu. The toner density sensors are the same, but the left sensor has a thermistor attached which needs to be removed when you install a new TDS on the left side. Loading the standard sheet tray.

Turn the printer mahual. See System Board request. Rotate the top of the fuser toward the front, then slide it to the left to align the fuser side frames with the flat areas of the shaft Fand lift to remove the fuser.

Lexmark CN manuals |

Printing a network setup page. Menu Map xx, 4xx Menu map This menu map identifies menus available to customers. Other menu items may only be effective for a particular printer language. Media Drawers And Trays xx, 4xx Assembly 5: Page 60 – Front door sensor or switches service ch Remove the backing from the new plate, and place the plate on the surface between the sensor mounting legs.

Covers Page Page – Assembly 2: Transfer unit clean Once the toner image on the transfer belt has been transferred to the page, the transfer belt rotates around and is cleaned by the cleaning blade G. Tips on using letterhead. The pick rollers push the media to the ITU where the image is transferred to the page.

The Back, Menu, and Stop buttons are located to the left of the display and the navigation buttons are located below the display. Base Sensor Test xx, 4xx Base Sensor Test These tests allow you to verify the correct functioning of the front door, input, and output sensors.


Lexmark C540n Service Manual

Page 7 xx, 4xx Image transfer unit ITU removal Page xx, 4xx Remove the two top screws E near the front. There are two posts at the bottom of the cage on the left side that need to be disengaged.

Replace one of the following components, and perform a POR before replacing a second component. Be sure to note the routing for re-installation. Make sure all paper fragments are removed. Print Quality-background Service tip: The duplex unit does not support card stock, transparencies, envelopes, or labels.

Lexmark C540N Printer User Manual

Expose Page – Step 3: Page xx, 4xx Controller board connectors Note: Turn the printer off. Replacing a developer unit. Second transfer Once the four planes of color are transferred to the transfer belt from the photoconductors, the image is carried towards the transfer roll E. It is helpful to print the customer settings before you restore factory defaults or make major changes.