A major component of moder SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems is the Bosch Denoxtronic reduction agent metering system. It reduces nitrogen oxides. Bosch’s Denoxtronic is an efficient solution for meeting Tier 3 requirements and above. It injects AdBlue, a solution of percent urea in. Bosch components. Dosing control unit DCU/ electronic engine control unit MDG1. Optional with MDG1: heater control unit HCU-PC. Optional with MDG1.

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The air-cooled variant of the dosing module is intended for installation underfloor.

Without boscj cookies the website will not work properly. The Denoxtronic has been developed for passenger-car and light-duty-vehicle applications. We will process your request promptly.

Please try again later. Lifetime 1 for light commercial vehicles. Indue to the future legislation about restriction of vehicle emissions and the rapid increase of the Bosch Denoxtronic moduleswe made the decision to extend our remanufactured products to them.

A Diesel exhaust fuel intake. Operating principle of exhaust-gas treatment. Overview all system components. Many thanks for taking an interest in Bosch Mobility Solutions! Our company is specializes in the regeneration of braking systems for Trucks, Trailers and Bus with a distribution that covers the whole country.

Denoxtronic exhaust-gas treatment system

Please try again later. Denoxtronic dosing control unit For efficient exhaust-gas treatment.

Denoxtronic dosing control unit For efficient exhaust-gas treatment. I have taken note of the privacy statement. In the catalytic converter, the ammonia reduces the nitrogen oxide to water and nitrogen. The core task of the dosing module is the demand-based injection of diesel exhaust fluid into the exhaust train. The Denoxtronic system supports the vehicle manufacturer to achieve denoxtronid and upcoming emission regulations. Imprint Legal Privacy Bosch. The DEF level, temperature and concentration is detected by a level- temperature- and concentration sensor.


Bowch of the diesel exhaust fluid dosing module water-cooled.

Denoxtronic dosing module

Many thanks for taking an interest in Bosch Mobility Solutions! Common-rail system with solenoid injectors Diesel injection system CRS for a maximum pressure up to 2, bar. Particulate matter sensor Constant monitoring for a low-emission future. Inside the SCR catalytic converter, the ammonia then reduces the nitrogen oxides into harmless water and nitrogen.

We will process your request promptly. This new program allows the customer to denoctronic a lot of money with the security and guarantee of perfect operation. Inthe first exhaust-gas treatment system for passenger cars went into production. Denoxtronic dosing module For efficient exhaust-gas treatment.

Press releases and pictures Visit bosch press portal. Denoxtonic is administered in the required quantity – precisely adjusted denotxronic the current operating status.

The newest generation fulfills the strictest emission standards EU6 and US This pump operated only on demand, when DEF should be injected into the exhaust aftertreatment system. To comply with the new emission legislation all vehicle classes require active exhaust-gas treatment. Trade fairs and events Exchange ideas with our experts on site. Please try again later. Statistics cookies These cookies improve the quality of the statistic data that is used to further improve the website.

  HB 84-2006 PDF

Denoxtronic 2.2: Exhaust-gas treatment to cut NOx-emissions

The air-cooled variant of the dosing module is intended for installation on the underbody. Urea dosing system for SCR systems. After the vehicle is parked, the Denoxtronic supply module empties the cold dosing module to protect it.

Bosch understands the requirement for a coordinated system design that takes account of all interrelations and satisfies this demand with holistic solutions. Due to the flat design of the filter, the residual volume in the tank is below ml — a big benefit for the vehicle manufacturer for tank design and usable tank volume. The dosing module ensures a precise diesel exhaust fluid quantity control and handles its atomization and distribution in the exhaust pipe.

Denoxtronic supply module For efficient exhaust-gas treatment. For the full functionality of this website cookies are needed. Filter All system components Exhaust gas relevant components Exhaust gas sensors Exhaust-gas treatment.