Ebook D13 Volvo Workshop Manual currently available at for Ebook Pdf D13 Volvo Workshop Manual contains important information and a. FAZ-D13/2-RT. Catalog No. Eaton Catalog No. Finger and back-of- hand proof to BGV A2. Tightening torque of fixing screws. N/m. Finger and back−of−hand proof to BGV A2. Mounting width per pole mm 17,5. Mounting. IEC/EN top−hat rail. Protection type. IP20, IP40 (when fitted).

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Pick up without creating dust.

Bgv c23 pdf

Use tested industrial vacuum cleaners or suction systems for areas with a high risk of explosion. It bvv be assured that the workplace limit values are being maintained. If possible, take container out of dangerous zone. The precipitate is then washed, filtered, dried and reprocessed. Containers should be designed so that hydrogen gas or heat ensuing from aluminium dusts can escape.

In an emergency e. Do not allow contact with air.


If the limit values are exceeded, additional protection measures are necessary. Only work with vessels and lines after these have been thoroughly rinsed.

Transports in bulk or in tanks: Individuals below the age of 18 must not be bggv to burn off aluminium-powder wastes. Shut off all sources of ignition.

Aluminium powder (pyrophoric)

Signposting to this effect must be displayed. Therefore suitable protective gloves should be preferred as far as possible. At present time the occupational health information for this substance is only available in german.

If there is a risk of a dust explosion because of the bhv of dust and the quantities used, the measures explained in “Explosion Protection Directive” may be required. Take heed of usual occupational hygiene measures when handling chemical substances, espacially wash the skin with soap and water before breaks and at the end of work and apply fatty skin-care products after washing.


When handling excessive amounts of the substance an emergency shower is required. This substance datasheet was created with greatest care. The substance must not be present at workplaces in quantities above that required for work to be progressed. Dust formation that cannot be avoided must be collected regularly. The use of resistant protective gloves is recommended.


Only employees especially assigned and instructed by bfv employer should be entrusted with the incineration of aluminium powder wastes. If release of the substance cannot be prevented, then it should be suctioned off at the point of exit. All metals should be collected separately. The measurements s13 be recorded and kept on file. Wear flameproof protective clothing. Particle filter P1, colour code white.

This data is recommended by scientific experience and is not established law. Risk of explosion in contact with: Herstellen und Bearbeiten von Aluminiumpulver.

Nevertheless no liability irrespective of legal basis can be accepted. During cleaning and maintenance dangers of ignition have to be avoided. Containers have to be labelled clearly and permanently. Aluminium powder, uncoated Hazard Identification Number: