New York Times: Babel No More is “gripping,” “entertaining,” “informative”. Here’s the review from the Times. (Graphic by Ian Adelman). Babel No More by Michael Erard is described on the front cover as “the search for the world’s most extraordinary language learners.” The book. Among the most surprising qualities of “Babel No More,” Michael Erard’s globe- trekking adventure in search of the world’s virtuosos of.

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The book does come up with some answers to the questions of how advanced language learners are able to acquire their abilities.

Had a brush with gaelic and Dutch where I learned some basic phrases and pronunciation but put them back down, having dismissed them as not useful. They were all “hyperpolyglots,” “language superlearners,” or “massive multilinguals.

The results of his research are frankly disappointing. BackstoriesStory of the book. They may have the ability to store memories and retrieve things from memory more quickly, as well to hear the differences between speech sounds. Erard begins his quest by investigating the most famous hyperpolyglot, Giuseppe Mezzofanti, a century priest who allegedly spoke 72 languages.

Erard travels from Italy to India in search of hyperpolyglots and the answer to the question: Jan 01, Will Mego rated it liked it Recommends it for: Diminishing returns on this book.

In three other cases, Zulueta’s patients had disordered thoughts or heard voices in the language they had learned first and used most.

Currently apart from my native English, I have a B2 level in Spanish, have Japanese “on ice” to borrow a phrase from the author.

Babel No More

While there are some interesting anecdotes, this book is a missed opportunity to report on these unique language learners. Description In the tradition of the bestsellers “Word Freak” and “The Language Instinct” comes a fascinating exploration of linguistic superlearners whose abilities shed light on the intellectual potential in us all.


Babel No More takes a look at whether people really can learn a vast amount of languages and how they are able to do so. However, it was far more interesting than I expected.

I am no polyglot myself but I have studied a fair few languages and have a fascination with them, and have done John McWorter’s three linguistics courses on The Great Courses.

I started formally taking Japanese classes in college. Having access to the library collections was a huge influence too. One of my main gripes with the book is the way it is written. It’s always been oatmeal in India, and all the varieties of oatmeal continue to merge, despite political pressures to name them as if they were marbles. Some methods were quirky in the sense that they look and sound odd. Apr 02, Jena rated it liked it.

Instead of working from an established thesis and then presenting evidence, this book functions as part intellectual exploration, part detective story.

Babel No More: The Search for the World’s Most Extraordinary Language Learners

BackstoriesFor MediaStory of the book. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. One interesting point is that there isn’t really a commonly agreed upon definition of what it means to know a language, or be fluent in it.

The author also poorly attempts to describe the human brain as a projection on a world map with s The author was way too verbose and essentially asked, then repeated, all the questions the reader had in his or her mind anyway.

Babel No More | The Search for the World’s Most Extraordinary Language Learners

Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. While saying there’s no connection between this and that, he suggests there are. Hyperpolyglots–people who, by one definition, can use six or more languages–are fascinating not simply because what they do is out of the ordinary.

He is also the author of Um: Feb 21, Anna Epishcheva rated it did not like it Shelves: I believe there is both a genetic and a neurological component to multi-lingualism.


My Japanese is on ice, I never use it anymore but when I hear it ni the street or in food places, I can usually pick up most of what is being said depending on the conversational topic. One star was lost simply through endless re-explanations of possible causality, accompanied by “cliff-hanger” habel breaks in the text implying some amazing discovery or unbelievable event.

For instance, does Ziad Fazah deserve the recognition he gets, or is he a fraud? I memorized facts about autism in classes bavel never thought critically about it because it didnt relate to me. I want to be somewhat like him in my linguistic pursuits! Took 3 years of classes and studied abroad there. Babel No More Video! Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x 30mm The results are interesting and not quite what I expected.

I also hope that people take away the notion that even as adults they are capable of a considerable amount of learning, if only they abandon the notion that the native monolingual speaker is a meaningful standard or goal. Are their brains wired differently from ours? This book quickly began at 5 stars for me, but dropped to three by the end.

Erzrd grew up teaching myse wow! A subsequent researcher quipped that the more competent an insane person was in a language, the higher their degree of psychosis.

Review quote In “Babel No More”, Michael Erard has written the first serious book about the people who master vast numbers of languages