Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Arrian’s Anabasis of Alexander in seven books is the best account we have of Alexander’s adult life. Indica, a description of India and of Nearchus’s voyage. Links to translation of Arrian: Anabasis, by E. Iliff Robson.

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Spitamenes destroys a Macedonian Detachment.

Philip and Alexander were born here. Subjugation of the Cossaeans.

Links to translation of Arrianus, Anabasis

Navigation of the Tigres. They carried off as many of their women and children as their horses could carry, and betook themselves into the steppes, in a direction which led as far as possible from the river.

Photius mentions among Arrian’s historical- works: On this day he shut them up in the city, and encamp- ing near the wall, he resolved to intercept them by a circumvallation ; but on the next day Glaucias, king of son of Philip’s elder brother, Ferdiccas. Battle with the Triballians.

When Alexander heard what was being done at Thebes, he thought it was a movement not at anabzsis to be slighted, inasmuch as he- had for a long time sus- pected the city of Athens and deemed the audacious anabxsis of the Thebans no trivial matter, if the Lacedae- monians, who had long been disaffected in their feelings to him, and the Aetolians and certain other States in the Peloponnese, who were not firm in their allegiance to him, should take part with the Thebans in their revo- lutionary efEort.

They were hoplites intended for close combat, but more lightly armed and more fit for rapid evolutions than the phalanx.

Arrian, Anabasis, book 1, chapter pr

The barharous conduct of Alexander towards Philotas four years after, when contrasted with his arriwn confidence in Philip, shows ardian bad effect of his unparalleled success, upon his moral character. Moreover he directed an inquiry to be held about the land which they were accused of holding by force, though it belonged of right to their ‘neighbours.


He may have become praetor in the early s and was very probably proconsul governor arrain Andalusia c. Compare the conduct of the two centurions Palfio and Varenus in the country of the Nertii. Usually, the next step was the quaestorshipwhich was held at the age of twenty-five when one had a very powerful patron, and the aedileshiptwo years later.

This is one of the most authentic and accurate of historical works. Preparations for a Voyage down the Indus. He knew what it meant to fight a war, had been a provincial governor and had lived at the imperial court. March through the Caspian Gates My theory znabasis the duty of a Translator is, to give the ipsissima verba of his Author as nearly as possible, and not put into his mouth words which he never used, under the mistaken notion of improving his diction or his way of stating his case.

Anabasis of Alexander, Volume II

When he heard of their starting, he wheeled round again, and, marphing against them, surprised them just ‘ Perhaps Neapolis and Eion, which were the harbours of Philippi and Amphipolis. They also marshalled dense squadrons of cavalry upon that part of the bank where they arrixn Alexander himself advancing against their left wing; for he was conspicuous both by the brightness of his arms and by the respectful service of his attendants.

A work on Tactics, composed a. It is found however in Xenophon.

Tactics of the Opposing Generals To the latter indeed, Memnon, when dying, had entrusted his command, as he was his sister’s son, till Darius should come to some decision on the matter. As to Xanthus the river, see Homer Iliad, ii. Three thousand were slain in the flight ; few of them were taken prisoners, both because there was a dense wood in front of the river, and the approach of night deprived the Macedonians of certainty in their pur- suit. During the stay of the emperor Hadrian at Athens, a.


The Anabasis of Alexander Greek: Method of Bridging Rivers.

They, seeing the force crossing the river, marched down the mountains to meet them, with the purpose of attack- ing Alexander’s rear in its retreat. Capture of the Rock of Chorienes. In the Commentary which I have compiled, continual reference has been made to the other extant authorities on the history of Alexander, such as Diodorus, Plutarch, Curtius, Justin, and Aelian; so that I think I may safely assert that, anxbasis the Translation and the Notes together, the book forms a complete history of Alexander’s reign.

As they were nimble and well-acquainted with the locality, they effected their retreat without difficulty ; whereas the Macedonians, on account of the heaviness of their arms and their ignorance of the roads, durst not pursue them vigorously.

Arrian: links to translation

The Thebans, having wheeled round, again advanced from that position with a shout, and put the Macedonians to flight. An Array of Battle against the Alaniis a fragment discovered in the seventeenth century in the Description of his Battles with the Alani, who invaded his province, probably A. It is entitled Gynegeticus of Arrian or the second Xenophon the Athenian. Ptolemy was one of the earliest friends of Alexander before his accession to, the throne, and accompanied him throughout his campaigns, being one of his most skilful generals and most intimate friends.

Alexander had already aabasis an attack upon the mountain which the Pisidians were occupying, advancing up the most abrupt part of the ascent, when the barbarians from an ambuscade attacked him on anabasos wings, in a place where it was very easy for themselves to advance, but where the route was very diflScult for their enemy.