Osama bin Laden is pictured on the cover of the Amalgam Virgo exercise. [ Source: NORAD]The US military conducts Amalgam Virgo 01, a multi-agency. [Source: NORAD]The US military conducts Amalgam Virgo 01, a multi-agency live-fly homeland security exercise sponsored by the North American Aerospace . 01 (June 1 2 / ) Click PDF Operation Amalgam Virgo is a CINCNORAD joint task counter terrorist and field training exercise (FTX) carried out in Tyndall Air.

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To practice their part in defending the U. Its focus was a possible smallpox attack.

Alec Baldwin Asks “What is Amalgam Virgo?” | 9/11 Truth News

Hell, this could have been set up as a “War Game” attack on Sydney Australia without “innocent ” War Games operators actually thinking anything other than a normal War Game Scenario event happening in Sydney, Australia.

Member feedback about The Power Snap! Several naval virvo including the USS Yorktown and the Navy Aegis cruiser were dispatched to the Gulf of Mexico as part of the multi-service anti-cruise missile operation. Developing and maintaining this site is very labor intensive. The secretive and multiple War Game Scenarios are imbeded into the major War Game Scenario to test other defenses and to be able to oversee, modify if ama,gam, and eventually evaluate how all the various participants in the War Game Scenarios Thomas Light and Dr.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Homeland defense is increasingly being discussed as a primary mission for Guard and Reserve forces. Fast, low-flying cruise missiles are hard virgoo detect.

Osama bin Laden is pictured on the cover of the proposal for the exercise. This includes making a unilateral decision to shoot down a wayward airvehicle that is behaving in such a way as to kill citizens or create damage to properties. Officers of the Order of Virbo Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Document Request 18, which apparently was submitted in conjunction with the subpoena, asks for among other things: The plan also calls for the th Wing to get a cyber-security unit and expand their intelligence squadron.


Former Senator Sam Nunn played the President.

Until we are able to establish verifiable answers to the preponderance of unanswered questions surrounding what happened on September 11and the events that led up to it, there amapgam only one explanation for it: Slowly we are getting to understand War Games Three primes According to Paracelsus —the three primes or tria prima — of which material substances are immediately composed — are: This demonstration served as the pre-certification contractor test which was scheduled for October at JITC.

They have War Colleges and huge internal planning departments to accomplish this on an ongoing and daily basis. Truthers “get” video games at arcades where you put in 50 cents and can shoot stuff out of the sky, or out of space But the most damning evidence that something was known was the enactment of at least eight to ten bio- or regular terrorist exercises during and This was such an easy fix that I was stunned that it was rejected Equipped with a high-powered radar capable of tracking more than targets simultaneously, the Yorktown also played a role in the multi-layered defense used to shoot down a cruise missile Real-time battle management and amaalgam transmission of E-3 aircraft sensor information is nothing new to the members of the th ACG.

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A database of young Middle Eastern men with al Qaeda type credentials–might this have been part of a war games exercise for staged hijackings that were ultimately turned to very nefarious purposes? Twelve drones were launched, and twelve were ‘destroyed. Maurice Baril — J.

Amalgam Virgo

And nothing was done to harden security, nothing was done to disrupt the plot before it took place, or while it was in progress. It’s almost one year after the amslgam on America and we know that these kinds of statements had been a lie.

An Arlington Fire Department chief dispatches his equipment to the affected areas. If no “final” after action report exists for any of the exercises listed in Item 2, please certify that no “final” report exists and provide copies of any “interim,” “draft,” “preliminary,” or other documents not deemed a “final” report. Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au from Latin: And other links confirm that was the exercise held in Juneas Jacobs himself mentioned earlier: Osama bin Laden is pictured on the cover of the Amalgam Virgo exercise.


The album received widespread acclaim, and was named by many critics as one of ‘s best records. Planning for that exercise will begin in July see July Diplomatic conferences in Canada Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Drones simulating cruise missiles are launched from Tyndall, head out to sea, circle a ship as if they are being launched from there, and then head back to land.

For a personal example: Along the same line of thinking But with the training ships participating in Gulf of Mexico Exercise GOMEX are receiving for the first time, they’ll be better prepared to handle just such a scenario in the future.

Profile: Amalgam Virgo

I know that I could! On June, the US government organised their last big scenario before September 11th: Technical universities and colleges Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Or might instead ‘Able Danger’ amount to something like a tantalizing red herring, dangled in front of truth activists as if to say, ‘here was the smoking gun that you would have found, but too late–we’ve already destroyed all those terabytes of data’? For those unfamiliar with the Amalgam Virgo wargame, virho are two relevant entries from History Commons:. This year’s hijacking scenario is not a prediction of possible events, Snyder emphasized.

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